My new 1st Bong! with a/c. Check it out!

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  1. So just picked up my 1st bong, been waiting for quite a while to pick up something proper.

    Well here it is, let me know what you think. Its blown in Canada by some local blower, quite strong and thick glass, joint is done well too.

    Instead of the original downstem, got a diffused one and picked up an a/c as well. Also, picked up a cool bowl too
    It has ice notches and this cool pattern right above it.
    Feel free to guess how much I paid for it :D

    Bong with A/c


    Ashcatcher close-up


    Glass on Glass and cool pattern


    Birdseye of ice notches


    Close-up of diffused downstems


    Bong with slide


    Close-up of slide


    Well there you have it, thing hits quite amazing, and Im not personally a big fan of percs and didnt really have the budget to afford a bong with amazing ones so stuck for none. Thanks for looking. :hello:
  2. Nice! I wana bong!
  3. That glass doesnt look thick at all, be careful. I bet you paid( or should have) $100-$150.
  4. yeah, be careful with that man. Doesn't look too thick at all. But very classy first bong man.. I appreciate people like you. You have a good taste in glass :wave:

  5. Thanks, and its 5mm glass, and quite heavy, I was comparing to a 7mm piece and found this to be better, so in that matter I think it'll hold up well.
    I've been looking at thousands of pics of bongs people posted here, I had quite a good idea of what I wanted and shopped at a bunch of headshops.
  6. Cool tube, man. I love that "worked" section. Enjoy, I just broke my damn bubbler which I'm not happy about.
  7. Thats a tight tube man. I like the worked section as well it looks really nice.

    It deserves a better AC though. IMO get an inline or tree perc ac.

    How much was it? im guessin 250- 275
  8. Hmm I couldnt really afford a significantly better a/c, and I like the one I got with it, it has a cool colour hue, maybe later I'll uprgade, ha thats why I love gong.
    And yehh that worked section got me too while buying. lol I'll give it a couple posts then post the price, but damn two guesses one said 100-150 and other 250. lol

    oh and I did buy the whole thing together, all the pieces, including bowl, a/c, diffy downstem.

  9. ME FUCKING TOO!!! $120 dub bub, my favorite piece, had it for about a month then it broke:(

  10. Damn, sorry to hear that. Lol well good thing is that you get the excitement of a new piece, so go out any buy something awesome!
  11. Sick bong dude, how much did it run ya?
  12. Im guessing 175 for the bong alone....SPILL IT OP!
  13. Lol alright alright, some close guesses, total was coming out to around 175-180 and I wanted that slide too. I knew the owner and talked to him for a while, and I ended up paying $100 flat (Canadian), no taxes on top nothing. And that includes All that you see in the pictures, upgraded downstem and a/c. Quite a good deal imo.
  14. nice bong. +rep for it being nice
  15. Damn bro thats a helluva deal! Congrats, you should definitely take advantage of that discount for some other nice pieces eventually
  16. i dig the worked section man :cool:

  17. Lol well $100 was my budget for now, I looked at pieces near double the price then saw what they could be talked down to. Would love to pick some more pieces, and yeah will be visiting the same headshop for some more stuff later. But want to get a better a/c sometime in the future, some more slides too.

    Thanks for the positive feedback everyone, lol im quite happy with my 1st bong.

    Do you guys think I should get a k-clip? pretty sure I got a 18.8mm there.
  18. + rep OP.

    I got a date with that thing and some Pink Panther, y'hear?

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