My new 18" RooR w/ perc & Medicali 4 Tree A/C. And my new Kitty!!

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  1. Back in May i got caught blazing by the cops. They charged me with possession.
    This morning i get a call from my lawyer informing me that they have dismissed my case and all i have to do is pay a $150 parking ticket instead. :hello:
    I was thrilled. So to celebrate I went out to a local headshop in Ann Arbor, MI and bought myself some new glass.

    18" RooR, 5mm glass, diffused downsteam, 4 tree perc, ice catcher. Retailed for $300, but they were running a sale for 25% off on RooR tubes. So I got it for $225. (sorry for the crappy quality of the pictures. I took them from my camera phone and then toyed with the color/contrast/tone on some of them to sharpen the pic)
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Medicali Ash Catcher - $110
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Also a few days ago I got the cutest kitty. Still havent thought of a name for her.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Overall, it's been a great day :smoking:!
  2. cute cat and very nice bong get that cat high
  3. nice bong..
    never seen a roor that cheap..

    i have a name suggestion for the cat however..
    you should name it Crack!

    why you may ask?
    cuzz that cat is raw as fukk!!
    haha it dont get no harder than that monster..

    .....seriously tho.. name Crack..
  4. cute pussy.
  5. I only clicked this thread to see the kitty...
    They're my weakness :S
    soo. fucking.. Cuute.
  6. nice glass pickup...and cute kitty!
  7. beautiful kitten. i love all six that my family has.

    nice tube as well, though i would have opted for a different A/C, or a heady slide instead.
  8. sweet cat and nice bong. I really like that medicali a/c.
  9. nice bong man
  10. Nice bong, nice cat. +rep
  11. you should call ur kitty Mary(as in mary jane) assuming she is a girl, or clip(as in roach clip) if its a boy
  12. did you name it Crack yet? haha..
  13. name your cat mittens
  14. dope bong...nice a/c...cute kitten
  15. kitties are bad ass.


    i paid $225 for my last 4-arm roor a/c, would of bought that tube if they would of let me for the price. Nice pickup
  16. great bong man and nice price. i hate cats but that kitten is so cute. congrats on getting off your charge too. +rep
  17. hah, i can't name my kitty Crack...
    i thought of Mary, but thats a human name lol.

    thanks everyone.
  18. Aww come on..
    Crack is the best name, but ok..
    How about Crackalina? haha sike..

    What about Kitt-Katt tho?
  19. you should name the cat cheeb
  20. holy fuck i hate you so much, i want that roor so badly but none of my headshops around here have roor percs, let alone for a price like that, what a steal dude

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