my new 150 HPS works!

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by relieF, Aug 24, 2003.

  1. i did almost exaclty as this article says

    and it rocks. its twice as bright as all the lights in all the rooms upstairs in my house.

    btw sorry i posted this in "indoor growing". i just noticed that it fits better here.

    i will post pictures if anyone requests it.
  2. ps i will be installing it in my minifridge. i want to have as much room as possible so i won't be using a reflector.

    do you think i'll be ok without any reflectors? the wall of the fridge are all bright white anyways.

    how far do you think my light should be from the plants? there will be plenty of airflow around the top of the plants.
  3. from the point of view of getting enough light to the plant it shud b ok without a reflector in such a small space. u will prob need some kind of heat sheld between the lamp and the top of the fridge tho, mite aswell make it a shiny 1
  4. whats a heat shield? what does it do?
  5. he means a reflector, and your gonna need very powerful ventilation to ven tthe heat from that hps from any closed space, let alone a fridge, which insulates it.;)
  6. dude, was it really hard to do? i have very lil experiance with tools...


  7. no i ment heat sheild, bolt a peace of steel plate above the lamp to stop it melting the roof of ur fridge. if u polish it then it will reflect light aswell as stopping ur fridge from catching fire.
  8. yeah, that would be good also:p
  9. melt my fridge? =/

    i've got a couple nice 100+ cfm fans and a couple more computer fans so ventilation is no longer a problem. the only problem is......... how would i drill a hole in a fridge? i won't have any tools when i arrive at my dorm =( =(. (actually on second thought the cleaning crew has some tools).

    pohsib, the only tool i used was a couple phillips drivers. if you know what you need, it should be easy. everything took me 30 minutes to assemble.
  10. heres the ballast. it can't get any smaller.

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  11. and the socket. i could buy a premade socket but wheres the fun in that? i stripped down a socket into its bare essential, then attached it to an electrical box lid. again, this is the minimum height possible for a socket.

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  12. and some details

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  13. i hope you arent planning on mounting the light vertically, are you? cause you want it horizontal unless your doing an h/BOG.:)
  14. uh, i was in fact planning on mounting it vertically. what's wrong with that again?
  15. when you mount the bulb verticially it puts out the most light on the horizontal axis. h/BOG (vertical screens, to maximize screen area per sq. ft.) can use this hor. light feild to help the growth on the verrtical screens. but since it is gonna be enclosed in a space that has no light leaks i suppose it should do alright. :)
  16. ok, i'll take that into consideration.

    i leave in a couple of hours. it sucks because its 4 am and i can't sleep. too much anticiaption and caffeine.

    man if i fall asleep in the plane i won't catch the meals... i love airplane food.
  17. really? i cant stand airplane food. i hat eit worse than McDonalds, and i really, really hate McDonalds. but, everybody like different stuff.:p
  18. well, airplane food always comes as a surprise to me.

    'dude i'm so hungry i wish i had some food but i'm stuck here'

    and then ding ding i get this plate full of salmon, rice, a little salad and bread with butter and any drink i want (usually bloody mary even though i'm under 21).

    and i love the water in those pudding packages. they're cute.
  19. for the light, i've decided to put it on horzontally, just because that makes the light that much higher. vertically and there just wouldn't be enough grow room. did i mention my grow room is small? lol.

    sorry hippie john i still don't have a digital camera. i'm looking for one +_definitely when my plants are growing. hold on tight.;
  20. i recently borrowed a camera, but returned it. i'm gonna get this one i saw at fred meyer for $35. the biggest picture it takes is 800 x 600 (or 640 x 480). thats all i really need, cause the only pictures i take are for on the city.:D

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