My new 12-plant DWC setup

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  1. Here is a vid of my DWC system. The first vid was shot during the veg cycle, about a week before switching. The second vid was just shot today, one week into the flower cycle.
    My system:
    - 400watt mh, going to be switched out to hps within the next week.
    - 2x 27gal storage containers from Lowes or Depot for around $12. Very heavy black plastic with YELLOW tops that I sprayed with a primer to make it so the light did not penetrate the yellow plastic.
    - I have two 60-gal air pumps with two outlets (each outlet feeding a separate reservoir in case one pump goes out, neither reservoir is without air. I have had hit happen once and nearly lost a plant in "the learning curve")
    - Right now we have low humidity and I have just one fan circulating air over the plants. It is mid winter, so the temps are maintained by using the night air and an cool tube around the light.
    - 2x fountain pumps, forget how many gpm it is, but it was $13 on amazon. Once in each reservoir connected to a 1/2"ID tube feeding water to the top lid which fills until it spills over the 3.75" net pots
    - Veg stage was done with ~600-800ppm floranova grow fert among other nutes.
    - Flower is being done with Fox Farm big bloom and tiger bloom. I will run around 800ppm in the beginning and will increase as the plants desire. I take readings of the ppm to see if the plants are taking more water than nutes or more nutes than water. And I adjust the next feeding based on the last finding.
    And here are the vids:



  2. I like the heck out of that, im going to steal the idea of the top flooding. :)
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    Here is an update, day 25 of flower. I saw the slightest bit of algae starting in the tube coming from the water pump and decided I would rather not fight the battle for the next 6 weeks and just turned the pumps off. The real reason I ran the pumps was so I didn't have to feed the clones by hand nor did I want to have to mix so much nute water to fill the 27 gallon reservoirs while I waited for the roots to break the water surface. So off they went. It worked great for what I initially intended it for. The plants are SUPER healthy right now, great root development. If I pinch a lobe of a leaf off and look at it under normal light, the green is dark and vibrant. The undersides look like satin. No browning, no burnt leaf tips. Faster nug development than previous grows.

    I have been maintaining around 800 or so ppm. I find that if I put any more in there, the plants take more water than nutes and cause the ppm to raise. PH has been a stead 5.8 the whole trip so far, I have not been getting mush of a PH swing at all. The most it has fluxed is from 5.8 to 6.0.

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    Curious.. where are you venting the air to, I could be wrong but I didn't see it in the video. Looks good!
    not a problem, the air is vented through a hole in the wall into the garage and treated out there.
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    I feel my problem with this one was that I let them get a few inches too big when vegging. I lost track and flipped to 12/12 a few days later than I wanted to. I meant to have much smaller (in height) set of plants. My next grow I will start them at 8-10inches instead of 12-15inches. But I love how these buds are coming out. They are VERY nice up close. The nugs are fairly large for an OG Kush related strain but not huge. Though they are ultra dense. The upper colas are weighty! And they smell like musky socks - delicious. When you rub the leaf ends and smell the resin on your fingers, it has that OG-Kush hash smell. Very sweet/lemon. Right now the trichomes are milky (nearly 100%), so a few days still to go.

    I'm also adding a picture of my next grow. Clones from this gene.
  7. Day 58


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