My neighbour reported me to an animal welfare charity (My neighbours washing has been out for 4 months part 2)

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    I don't particulary like my neighbour.
    Part 1:
    So anyway I've alway been civil to this bitch until now. I moved house about a mile away a year ago and the family cat that I look after keeps running back! So he did this on christmas eve in which i was going away till early on boxing day. My flatmate was in and out over christmas but i left him a big bowl of food and his cat box with a blanket in it. I was working a 12hr shift on christmas eve come home and he was no where to seen. Looked for about an hour then had to drive 2 hours south to be with my family.
    Anyways the cat obviously went next door and these bastards have called animal welfare on me.
    I had the animal welfare over yesterday and the woman was actually laughing at how my neighbours had done this as the cat is well fed and looked after.

    So long story short i'm out to get this bitch now for a number of reasons:
    She treats her kid like shit (Often thought of phoning child services on her)
    She does nothing with her life but get drunk.
    Doesn't work.
    Regularly has men coming around to bang her (I mean like easily a different 3 men a week)
    So I reported her for a DUI as she's constantly drink driving and picking up her kid at the local junior school in the middle of the afternoon.
    Also to all who bothered to read part 1 I never touched her washing in the end and it's still there... We're approaching 8 months.

  2. driving drunk to pick up her son from school? damn. thats fucked up man, my friend in high school got hit by a car walking to the otherside of the street from the school, and the lady was drunk picking up her kid from the middle school down the road. ruined my friends senior year she was in a coma for months, and the mom got a dui and some jail time.
    you should report her drunk driving, thats shits super irresponsible, not only can she hurt her kid and herself but literally anyone else that happens to be out while shes running a muck, not cool.
  3. she is not a fit child services on her.
  4. Jan 15, 2014      -A warrant has been issued for the arrest of a woman in her 30's for child abuse and drunk-driving.  In addition to this, authorities believe she may be an accessory to negligent washing
  5. Report that shit to the authorities. I don't like so called snitching, but what she's doing sounds really irresponsible and she's endangering everyone around her. But tbh it's not gonna help, the only ppl who will suffer are her kids. Maybe talk to her and propose some kind of help, as in maybe a therapist or something.Sent from my LG-P880 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  6. you could try to befriend her, slowly make her fall in love with you, and then break her heart on christmas or valentines day
  7. Second that ^^^Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  8. Are we on 4chan? Sent from a potato.
  9. Sent from a potato...lmfao, thats great.

    I dunno man. I believe in karma strongly and she brought it on herself.

    Revenge is a dish best served cold.
  10. Yeah OP start being one of those dudes who comes over and bangs her all the time. She will get off your back obviously but next get her to love you then dump the shit out of her and take her kids away
  11. Start pooping in envelopes and mailing them to her.
  12. Fuck banging ser she is a total ogre Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  13. I agree with this. Your not "snitching" because when people snitch its predominantly a deal thats been worked out with the police to get a lesser punishment by giving up a bigger offender. This however isnt what your doing you are looking out for the safety of her child, if it was just a drunk white trash bitch gettin pounded thats not illegal even if its not a lifestyle you agree with but she clearly is raising a serial killer.
  14. [quote name="gavina12" post="19347677" timestamp="1389827910"]Fuck banging ser she is a total ogre Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum[/quote]😂
  15. I had a own problem with my neighbor, my friend went to china for 2 months, and left his car next to my neighbor expecting me to move it like every few days. I did move it once, then i had a 2 weeks trip to thailand, and when i came back, another of my mate (my friend who own the car, uses another mate mailbox for his car things, eg rego, fines and whatever), told me that i gotten a letter by the council telling me to move the car or risk getting a $550 fine......
    I thought the council can't do anything until a month go past
  16. 3 new men a week and you haven't even fucked that slut once? You disappoint me, OP...
  17. Maybe this bish is a prostitute? That would fuck her over more than anything I'd imagine.
  18. I like how everyone keeps telling OP to have sex with her.  haha wtf.
  19. I bet she's got diseases you've never heard of.
    I mean damn.
    The bitching, 3 guys a week, and she hasn't touched the washing for 8 months??
  20. sound like this bitch is as dirty and the laundry. why couldnt I have born with a vagine' so I could do nothing get drunk and have 3 dicks, literally, support me for the rest of my life...hahah

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