My Neighbor is DEFINITELY Involved in a Drug Ring with Dirty Cops

Discussion in 'General' started by qwerty man, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. The house next to us has always had some sketchy shit going in, but I always ignored it cause they were cool and didn't care when I played drums at 3 in the morning.

    Anyway, I was just sitting outside and I see 2 cop cars followed by a truck pull into their driveway. Some guys get out of the house and start loading the truck with what obviously looks like WHITE BRICKS. So I was like no fuckin way, and I start walking closer. My neighbor runs out and cuts me off, he's all like "Hey what's up John, how was Thanksgiving, blah blah blah" He keeps talking to me until they finish, then he leaves. But here's the sketchiest thing. As the cop cars were leaving, I saw their back license plates covered with fucking black trash bags and the truck had Cali plates.

    So can I like blackmail this dude, or should I get a gun first?
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    Don't support Cops putting Coke on the streets then busting people for the SAME COKE!
  3. Blackmail lol? He'll just kill you and the cops will cover it up. Just mind your own business dude.
  4. Blackmailing is dumb I'd just ignore it if they got dirty cops I wouldn't fuck with it
  5. Turn the other cheek or move....
  6. i say lay low and try not to get shot if some shit goes down...
  7. Try to take a pic next time!
  8. Ya man i aint Goin anywhere near that one
  9. Ha. I'd love the real life chance to blackmail.
    Except things don't work like they do in the movies, the bad guys have Good aim in real life.
    Buy no guns, and lay low. Don't go up against the force xD
  10. I wouldnt try and blackmail the guy, but chat him up some more and try to be part of what he gots going on. If the cops are helping sounds like its a good enough operation. OR see if you can get stuff for the right price.
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    I hope you are kidding about the blackmail. Don't ever do that, you'll get killed.

    I used to know an old tough guy who spent more time in jail than out. When he was in he ran shit inside. When he was out he sold smoke and other stuff. The dude liked me real well so I got to hang out there even though I was only about 16 years old.

    Anyway; I would be sitting at his table to purchase and one cop car after another would pull up out front. Every time I nearly shit my pants. He would go outside for a minute or two and come back in like nothing and they would pull away.

    Some dudes came down from Chicago I his door once while I was there. He grabbed a huge knife then he opened the door and stabbed the one guy just like that.

    He threatend the other with a gun and that car peeled out and speed off. There was blood all over the door way. I shit you not!!!

    This guy eventually died of an overdoes of heroin and coke but he was a true bad ass in every sence of the word. A lot of cops were scared of him. Everyone was scared of him.

    A message to you all; don't mess around with people because some are hard core and will kill you with out losing a moments sleep. Some people like prison as much as being out.

    Just a word to the wise. ;)
  12. Definitely don't let them think you care

    Seriously dirty coos are nothing to fuck with could only end bad for you

    "Ricky you can get kush off the cops for $10 a gram, KUSH Ricky, that's primo weed"
    "I don't give a shit my weeds just as good, $15 dollars a gram, FIRMS"
  13. You should be friendly with that neighbor. Not overly friendly.

    But.. Just a good neighbor.

  14. Yea, I should've fuckin done that. I have a window that gives a perfect view of their entire property

    Yea, no I wasn't serious about the blackmail. I know this guy has a bunch of guns, and I'm actually pretty chill with him. We've smoked a couple boges together, he complimented my drumming too haha

    But yea, I've seen cop cars roll into his house before, but nothing like this time.
  15. I would pretend it never happened... in fear of my life.
  16. Is this the plot to pineapple express 2?
  17. Yeah; he probably is working with them. When cops deal drugs it's like a department thing.

    Even other cops don't mess with that shit.

    They know first hand that snitches are bitches who get stitches or ditches. :eek:

    Be chill and he may turn you on to some killer dank likely stolen out of the evidence locker. :D

    Metro reserve officer arrested in drug trafficking sting - 13 WTHR
  18. Lol op gonna die for posting this.
  19. I can believe nobody suggested this yet. Start a major grow op promptly.

    cops arent gonna care, neighbors wont give a fuck.

    its got Win Win written all over it.

    Never stick your nose in anyone elses shit ever. I caught a guy snooping around my property once and he didnt see me so i snuck up on him put him in a half nelson and slammed his head off a tree. He may have been casing my place out or just in the wrong place at the wrong time. hes lucky I didnt pull my fire arm on him, he probly would have shit his pants.

    Im just one person and I didnt even have drugs or was growing in that location. just being protective of my property cause ive noticed someone broke into my basement through a window once. Dumbass didnt even realize the door was unlocked.

    I can only imagine what those guys or the cops would do to you if they caught you snooping around

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