My neighbor freaked me the hell out

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    So my neighbor and I have a good relationship.. I bought my house about a year ago and I gave him at least 4-5 dozen native tomatoes this past summer just to cement our relationship. We talked a lot about gardening over the summer, and my organic feeding etc but he himself doesn't grow anything. He's probably in his mid 40's and has a 10 year old kid.

    So my carbon filter absolutely sucks (grow bright tall boy I believe - 17 lbs carbon) and I do get a good whiff every now and then. Unfortunately my exhaust happened to be about 10 feet from the fence (and his property line), and he's outside a lottt! So the other night we're bs'n and he says, "So I think next year I'm gonna do a pot garden." Then he paused (like he was feelin me out) and I was taken aback at first and said, "Whatta you mean?" So he then says "Well ya know a pot garden, my soil's no good so I'm gonna just do a bunch of pots." So we proceeded to converse and I told him he'd be better off with a raised bed, and not to waste his time with pots (I played along). We're both Italian so I said "ahh I'll do the tomatoes and you could do the peppers and eggplants" and he laughed .. Then I told him to let me know and that I'd give him a hand... That was pretty much it.. He doesn't know I smoke herb or anything btw..

    I know it's probably nothing, but I'm old school and live by the thought that no one knows apart from me and God, and the second you tell someone is the second that the clock starts ticking before you're busted. I mean we get along well, I'm just not comfortable with my neighbor seeming to know the deal, and he has called the cops a few times on another annoying neighbor that rides his dirt bike up and down the dead end all day and night (yes, annoying!)...

    I now ducted my exhaust to the other side of the basement about 15 feet away so hopefully it should help A LITTLE. I'm not planning on wrapping it up or anything like that, but I'm just curious how some of you guys would approach it, and would just like to hear some of your thoughts.

  2. yeah, the concern is definitely warranted, from that quote he almost certainly was looking for a reaction. its good you worked to adjust the exhaust, you can never be too careful. keep your eyes open, nothing worse than nosy neighbors involving themselves where they dont need to. 
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  3. Sounds like the carbon filter needs to be taken care of.
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  4. Yep sounds sketchy better safe then fucked I say!! Make a cheap ona odor bucket and that and your old filter I think your smell will be gone.   Good luck!!
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  5. Thanks for the replies gents .. That's what I was thinkin, of course my wife didn't see it as big of a deal as myself..

    Don't even go there bro.. I just canned my last filter for this reason and upped to this $120 POS.. LoL

    I've seen the ona gel around but never looked into its effectiveness.. I'm gonna look into makin a bucket, and give that a shot.. Thanks again fellas.. I'll keep you guys posted of the results if you're interested..

  6. If he moves forward with the pot/ raised bed, it was just an innocent question. I mean, he probably has no suspicion of you growing pot inside if you are as discreet as you say. But if the pot garden never happens, he might have been feeling you out.
  7. True! Think I should call'em out on it? "What happened, where's the garden?!" LoL
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  8. Little update if you guys are interested lol . . .I came to find out that my seemingly stiff neighbor smokes! I know this because my mother decided to go on a date with him one night when she was watching our house, and they proceeded to smoke lol . . She doesn't know about the operation neither so I'm pretty comfortable that he still has no confirmation..He never went forward with doing the "pot garden" so I think it's safe to say that he indeed was prying.. I'm in the process of making an inline ona bucket on the exhaust duct.. I don't want to use the standard diy as I'm not too keen on it altering the scent/flavor of the gals..
  9. Paranoia is the best way to not get in trouble. I as well have that old school trait liike I was taught the more you talk the stupider you look.
  10. Yes that would bother me aswell.

    You seemed to handle it ok though mate.

    Buy a Rhino filter wee bit more expensive but you have peace of mind.
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  11. Seriously, you need to step up your filter game. Go with can filters.
    They are expensive but are amazing.
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  12. Truth. Who settles for a shitty one and just deals with the smell? That is how you go to jail, at least where i live.
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  13. Yea, I was looking at the CAN100 .. Definitely expensive but I'm sure they're cheaper than bail[​IMG]... lol I'm gonna build the inline ONA as I've already purchased all the equipment, then I'll reassess.. The CAN will be the next step if necessary..
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  14. I have the Can - Filter 33 6"
    It's crazzzzy
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  15. I used to buy the budget can.
    changed it every 6month.

    Then i splashed out on the rhino. Amazing filter last you a good 18month.

    Even with cheese and its not called that for nothing lol
    No smell whatsoever
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  16. Yea that's what I was doing.. The funny thing is, at the time of the op the can was brand spanking new.. I was growing cheese candy as well, lol a true test.. If you're saying the rhino had no issue with reg cheese then I'm sure it'd be just fine lol.. I'll compare the two (CAN) in terms of cost and then take it from there..
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  17. It looks like the rhino's are only in the UK though huh? Don't think the shipping would be worth it, if they even ship to the States that is lol...
  18. Oh i didn't realise they weren't readily available in the states.
    Im sure someone will have them there. Or even something with just as good quality.
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