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My neighbor found the butt of a joint in between our houses...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BladeMaster, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. Okay, so I was coming home from school when my neighbor asked me to follow him to the side of his house. There was the butt of a joint sitting there, and he just goes, "Someone's been smoking weed back here... You know anything about this? I thought I might ask you before I bring it up to your father." He had the biggest smile on his face, too. Like, almost as if he thought it was me. What do I do? What if he tells my father and says I'm the one who threw it?

  2. Well, if/when he gets you in trouble, do some good ol' teenage destruction of his property. And then claim innocence. Do it over a long period of time, slowly making it hell for him since he's evidently a dick. And be stealthy as fuck. I believe in you. Get good at hopping fences too. Hahahah.
  3. @[member="240sxLover"] I feel you, man but seriously. I'm scared as shit. Something similar happened to my sister, too... She ended up getting away with it, though. They found it IN HER CAR, TOO. What do I do, man please.
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    Tell him it's yours..there's a good chance he might be cool.
    I don't get how you're here asking this though..your neighbor found your roach, asked you if it was yours, and you told him, "Brb going to ask an people on an online weed forum what I should do?"
    Or you already told him it wasn't yours?
    He obviously knew it was yours since he was grinning when he asked..why not just be honest
  5. Deny, deny and deny some more.
    Or... be responsible and tell the truth, never know your father may be a regular toker too. Father/son sessions are great.
  6. Walk straight up to him, grab his left testicle between your thumb and forefinger, look him right in the eyes and apply a gentle pressure to his nut whilst slowly reciting the words to 'The real Slim Shady'. Trust me, he'll get the message.
  7. @[member="lFourTwenty"] I don't think he's gonna be cool about it, man. I mean, he's cool, but he isn't that cool kinda cool. I told him I knew nothing about it and just went inside, but I'm afraid he might lead my father into believing that it was me.
  8. Well, it sounds like he isn't cool from the OP. If your sister got away with it, honestly you sound like you'll be just fine. Obviously don't trash his shit if you get away clean. But if you don't.... bring the law into your own hands, ahahah. Getting in trouble for smoking (from parents) really isn't that bad unless they make a concerted effort to absolutely destroy your ability to do so.
    Tell him dude. He may be a hook up! If he was gonna rat you out he would have went to your pops first. This Cat came to you, because he thinks it is you. Oldest trick in the book. Get him blazed dude!
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    Well the chances of him telling your dad are probably pretty high.
    Prepare yourself for a shitty evening
    And I agree with fearjar..if he was gonna stir some shit, he probably would have went to your dad in the first place, behind your back. I mean..if your dad confronts you about it, you already know who told why would your neighbor want to start that kinda shit with you? Unless ur like 13 or 14.
  11. @[member="240sxLover"] Bro, I just don't want him to convince my father that it was me. I'm so paranoid right now, man. I'm imagining DNA tests, piss tests, and the cops getting involved. Now, I do have someone on the other side of me complaining about cigarette butts on the side of HIS house. That DEFINITELY isn't me, man fuck cigarettes lol. But, as of late, he's been throwing shit on our driveway, so maybe they'll lead themselves into thinking that it was him...? I don't know, man. Whatever. What I'm gonna try to do is get the butts out of there (there are 3, but he only showed me 1, so maybe he didn't notice) to make it look like a one-time occurrence.
  12. If you're innocent of all the butts around your place, then simply claim innocence. The truth will set you free! But seriously, don't sweat over it. No one is taking you to jail for a roach someone else threw in your yard...
  13. say the good ol' words:
    "wasn't me"
  14. @[member="240sxLover"] I'm not worried about jail, I'm worried about my parents. I know it's not gonna get THAT serious to the point of legal involvement, but my parents would KILL me. I'm just afraid that if they test me, I have it in my system, so it's gonna show up. It's just a mess, man. Whatever. I guess I can just try and deny it. I need to make up a story like, "Oh, someone could have been blah blah blah and they threw it."
  15. How about stop littering and you wouldn't have this problem.
  16. @[member="NickaWittaBic"] Okay. What do YOU do with a roach? Throw it in the trash can where other people in your house can smell it?
    smoke it
  18. What grade are you in and how are your grades? :smoke:
  19. shoulda ran out of there screaming rape...neighbor had the pot not you...
  20. Confront your dad first before your neighbor does, just be like the neighbor found a butt off a joint in between the house and tried saying it was mine and give a little laugh like your neighbor is a idiot.

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