My name is Ricky and I make (mostly) electronic music :)

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  1. Hey guys!!!! It's been soo long since iv'e posted on GC, I don't know why... but I miss being on here and learning new things! so much better than looking at facebook haha. :rolleyes:

    So I love to make music on my Fruity Loops... it's an addiction of mine. I play guitar and drums (notmuchrecently) also, but for some reason I enjoy putting my time into using synths, drums, and the piano roll haha. Well I haven't taken any music or producing courses, I learned how to navigate through trial. If you have the time please take a listen to some of my songs(Edit)*please DO* (lol) ! Feedback is what i'm looking for though ;) also, if you make beats or like to song write and would like to work with me let me know! It would be fun!

    Also check out this mix that I couldn't put on my soundcloud account because of some copyright detector thing hahaha :p Run (Re-Edit/Mix whatever you want to call it) - YouTube

    Killahrick's Spotlight page on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
  2. :,( no one cares of course
  3. I do man Im a musician too...ill post more when I'm on my computer and ill check out your jams too
  4. Very nice :smoke: I like both the songs I've listened to on your Soundcloud so far
  5. Thanks so much !! :D I'm glad you like it ! Means alot
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    Ok, so here's my review....

    I skipped the song posted on youtube cuz it sounds like it has some copyrighted music in it

    I went to your soundcloud page and listened to several songs and I'm impressed! They seem very well made! If I found these songs on a compilation somewhere I would prolly listen to them at least a few times....and that's actually saying a lot
    In other words, I think you have some good original sounding music.

    I'm assuming you're using mostly royalty free samples when you use samples....If you continue to progress you can send in some tracks to various record labels....if they are royatly free, you stand a better chance. Try to avoid using well known samples in your track when you use samples

  7. Yeah the youtube video was just my take on the song that I didn't make hahaha I wish I did. All I did was cut out the chorus because I didn't like and smoothed the transitions out so it sounded normal..Thank you :D I will keep that in mind thank you for the info!! :) Yeah I just use synths and drum samples from drum packs that I bought online and tweak them out to my liking with filters and effects and knob twisting hahah.
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    ^^^ I had a very simple program with a bunch of loops, beats and samples on several cd's and I made an 11 song CD that I passed out to friends....I even made a sleeve with track names and my own artwork with another computer program

    I tried to make some more songs but I kinda lost my inspiration cuz of some shit that went on at the time

    So, maybe that's something else to can get simple software at comp usa or staples and the likes ~~> then you can make your own liner notes and put together your own CD with song titles and a CD title......

    You could send some off to record labels and just see what happens

    Who knows?!??

  9. I dig it man. (listening to the first song)

    I'm not really into this kinda music, but I like what I hear and wouldn't mind listening to more of it.

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