My Name Is Cocaine

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  1. My Name is Cocaine

    My name is Cocaine - call me Coke for short
    I entered this country without a passport
    Ever since then I’ve made lots of scum rich
    Some have been murdered and found in a ditch.
    I’m more valued than diamonds, more treasured than gold
    Use me just once and you too will be sold.
    I’ll make a schoolboy forget his books
    I’ll make a beauty queen forget her looks.
    I’ll take renowned speakers and make them a bore
    I’ll take a mother and make her a whore.
    I’ll make a teacher forget how to teach
    I’ll make a preacher not want to preach.
    I’ll take all your rent money and you’ll get evicted
    I’ll murder your babies or they’ll be born addicted.
    I’ll make you rob and steal and kill
    When you’re under my power you have no will.
    Remember my friend my name is "Big C"
    If you try me just once you may never be free.
    I’ve destroyed actors, politicians and many a hero
    I’ve decreased bank accounts from millions to zero.
    I make shooting and stabbing a common affair
    Once I take charge you won’t have a prayer.
    Now that you know me what will you do?
    You’ll have to decide - it’s all up to you.
    The day you agree to sit in my saddle
    The decision is one that no one can straddle.
    Listen to me, and please listen well
    When you ride with cocaine you are headed for hell!!!

    i got that from a website about the movie blow. I been looking everywhere to find George Jung's prison adress so i can write him but can't, does anyone know of it?
  2. beautiful...stunningly beautiful.....I think you should send a copy to freevibe
  3. That was so touching. It really described a period of my life. Cocaine is an awful drug but any drug taken to the extreme can be detrimental to one's safety, well-being, and health.
  4. There's a great street poet who used to come to my school, and many other throught the UK to give talks. His name is Phil Cooper and he's really Anti-Drugs, but he's such a fantastic poet. He used to be a heroin addict himself, among other drugs so he's not one of these bullshit politicians who does it for votes. Here's a poem of his about Heroin. It's quite long:

    Introducing Mr. 'H'

    You've heard about the devil
    And the world he lives is Hell.
    He's not as bad as me you know
    And there's a story I can tell.

    You see my name is Heroin.
    I'm as white as driven snow
    And once you start to use me
    I tell you where to go.

    I make you sick to your stomach walls
    Your eyes will bleed and you will scream
    You'll vomit, beg, steal and lie
    And your life becomes a dream.

    An horrific dream of self-destruction
    Your body turns to skin and bone
    I make you shout and call my name
    But I'm not always found at home.

    You have to search the streets for me,
    You'll be hunting high and low
    And as your panic becomes un-bearable
    Your stomach will want to throw.

    It's all because of me you see
    And I'm often known as smack.
    I lead you to oblivion
    But I never lead you back.

    I make you destroy your friends and family,
    I turn your love right into hate.
    You're a victim of my evilness,
    'Cos you're a sucker for the bait.

    I'm also known as scag,
    I have so many names,
    By all you stupid people
    Who think you're playing games.
    It has been known for me to kill
    But I'd rather destroy your head
    And leave you to just survive
    As Heroin's walking dead.

    I'm more evil than the devil,
    I'm more wicked to your soul,
    I'm the plague of your society,
    And I help you dig your hole.

    I'm always around the corner,
    I'm waiting just to pounce
    And the only magic words you need,
    Is have you a sixteenth of an ounce?

    And then you become my victim,
    I'm the chain around your neck,
    I squeeze out all the good in you,
    And laugh as you become a wreck.

    So my friend remember
    I'm out here all the time
    And all it takes is one mistake
    And then your life is mine.

    You were so convinced you could control me
    And do just as you please,
    Now you know the truth my friend,
    I've got you on your knees.

    You thought you were so clever,
    So hip and super cool,
    But now the truth be known
    You're less intelligent than a fool.

    -Phil Cooper
  5. Good words to share.
  6. Does anyone else have any poems like these? As I'm quite fond of them. I have quite a few by this Phil Cooper guy, but I wouldn't want to have a monolopy on the thread...
  7. Chuggin my rum and coke,
    I've started to chain-smoke,
    So I know it's kicked in,
    so good it cant be a sin
    Now I've got no fear,
    so I'll slam a few beer,
    But bam like a 12guage
    I feel the beer engage
    a twisty dance in my stomach
    its too much and im too sick
    On the bathroom floor why won't it end?
    throat is sore, the porceleins my only friend

    Heh, nothing special, just something I wrote a little while ago.
    P.S. It's about alcohol.
  8. That's pretty cool :) Well done.

    I wanna see more though :)
  9. i used to do coke a lot, and i didn't see anything wrong with it at the time because i could handle it, but then i seen friends do it and they couldn't, i quit to get all my friends to quit, and they did so its all good now.

    THC you can make a monolopy on this thread i don't care (and i made it), tell us some more by Phil Cooper if ya can. I liked that one, i'm going to print these poems out and put them up in my locker next school year.
  10. OK, if you want more poems, I'll post some more :)
    This (still by Phil Cooper) was inspired by a friend of his. They had all taken acid in the park, and his friend Malcolm was stung by a wasp. However, Malcolm imagined he was being chased by a swarm of wasps, and he hurt himself pretty badly during the trip. A year later, he was happy, with a girlfriend and a daughter, and one day he saw a wasp in his daughters pram, but had flashbacks of the swarm, so he dived on top of her trying to rescue her. His girlfriend couldn't believe that one drug, a year ago could do this. She thought he was mad. She left him, and got a restraining order or something put on him, so he can never see her, or his daughter again. All because of one trip.


    I was sitting on the grass, the sun was on my face
    When suddenly I saw it in front of me
    My heart began to race.
    I looked around to where my friends were sitting
    And they; oblivious to the fact,
    That I was in a nightmare
    For them everything was still intact.

    I shouted at them to cover themselves as
    I ran towards the lake
    The swarm of wasps were following me
    My body began to ache.
    At last i reached the water and threw
    My body in,
    Cutting my feet to ribbons on
    Some old rusty tin.

    I could hear the gathering of people
    Or were the wasps making human sounds
    To confuse me into thinking they were gone
    And I could climb into the ground.
    As I awoke the whiteness filled me
    With a feeling I had died
    Then I heard the buzzing, I
    Screamed before I cried.

    I had thoughts only of my baby girl, I
    Wonder if she has grown.
    Has her face lost the freckles
    I reach towards the phone.
    I have been told I can never see
    She will be told she has no Dad
    Because her mother will say I lied
    What I did was bad.

    As I walk the streets with a coldness
    Locked inside,
    A bottle in my hand, I let the tears
    Keep on rolling,
    I fight to understand.
    I only took a trip once
    It was a year before we met
    I never knew acid was like cement
    And it begins to set.

    Now I know what FLASH BACKS are
    They come without a sign
    And have sent me to OBLIVION
    I reached the end of time.

    -Phil Cooper
  11. great poems!!

    here's a little something i wrote on a morning after.....

    Last night we sat at this table
    talked for hours and played cards
    and inhaled our groceries.
    Last night there was nothing else.

    That was last night.
    Now i sit at this table
    looking into my black coffee
    pounding head, stuffed nose
    and think of how hungry i am.

    Do you know what last night could have bought?
    i hate you right now,
    but it's not your fault.
    We lost control together.

    Last night was like every other Saturday night.
    Now it's Sunday
    and i'll hate last night until it comes again
    and i'll forget about the groceries we don't have
    and the bills not paid
    and wake up hating.
  12. :)

    I love this thread. It's good for people to post their writing. I suck at it tho' so I'm leaching off of Phil (joke).

    I have a good one about shrooms, if anybody wants to hear it.
  13. i'm not good at writing poems, i used to be, but i duno. I have a poem about my gf, her parents hate me and we never get to see echother, its kinda sad, so i wrote a poem about how much i miss her. I don't remember how it goes though, it ended up being really good. Yeah tell us the one about shrooms i wanna hear it. yeah this thread kicks ass, i'm happy i made it!
  14. :) I feel special....

    Of course, please direct all credit towards Phil Cooper, 'cos he rules :) He comes to schools, and he says "Listen if you want. I don't care if you take drugs or not. Just make sure you know what you're dealing with before you do."

    Who's for Tea then?

    Fancy a cup of tea? I'll make a special
    A hundred magic mushrooms, let's see what
    They will do.
    Blast away your boredom and kaleidoscope
    You eyes,
    Play havoc with your concentration and
    All the colours in the skies.

    Bloody hell what's going on? The wallpaper's
    Turning green,
    All the crazy monsters are everywhere to
    Be seen.

    Now the floor is moving furiously, a giant
    Crack appears,
    I look towards my girlfriend and she's grown
    A bloody beard.

    "How many mushrooms did it take to make this
    "Hundred or more, I picked 'em all for

    I hear a knocking on the door, I tell
    Myself they've come,
    Lined up with straight-jackets, I
    Think I'd better run.

    But my lehs have turned to jelly and I
    Feel like living dead,
    All because of magic mushrooms in a
    Cup of tea they said.

    My girlfriend's beard has disappeared
    Again she's looking sweet,
    Until I look towards her shoes, she
    Has fungus on her feet.

    Four hours later, and at last it's wearing
    My brain feels like it's blown a fuse, I'm
    Afraid to even cough.
    So don't you ever talk to me about mushrooms
    And don't you call 'em magic,
    They're un-exploded zombie bombs
    And nothing short of tragic.

    -Phil Cooper

    Now, sorry Phil, but this poem, when I heard you read it aloud to my class when I was about 13.... it made me WANT to try shrooms... :)
  15. Phil Cooper sounds like a decent dude, i give him mad props. It sounds like he went though a lot of shit in his life. Yeah when people would go into school to talk about drugs it always got me wanting to do them even more.
  16. I don't really feel right stealin' his poems.....
  17. all your doing is passing them on and he probably would like that, i mean he wants people to know the dangers of hard drugs right? its not like your putting your name at the bottem of them. i like reading peoples poems.
  18. :) ok.

    I'm feelin' really depressed at the moment. I always think I've done something wrong when I'm unhappy.
  19. D9-THC, thank you for sharing those poems. they are very true and meaningful, and everyone should have a chance to hear them. i had never heard of this phil guy until now, and i do plan on finding out more about him. i teach drug education in high school, and i think his poetry will be a great way to get through to some of these kids. thanks again.

    i'm sorry that you're sad. welcome to my life. if you ever need an ear to listen.........
  20. hey i'm sorry your depressed man, i'm always depressed but i try to look past it, i guess it doesn't really work. I just turn my radio up really loud to try not to think, like right now, i'm waiting for them to play the vines.

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