My Name is Adam...and im an addict.

Discussion in 'General' started by adamBC, Aug 15, 2003.

  1. damn. yesterday i drank 6 litres of water.

    its 12:44 and ive had 3 glasses already. damn. need this shit. i drink when im thirsty, i drink when im hungry, i drink when i wanna blaze, i drink when i need the bathroom, i drink while watching tv....

    shit. ohwell, itd suck if you could od on water.
  2. you totally can od on water.....

    11 brothers from my friends no longer plattsburgh university are going to be on trial this winter for killing someone by wayof water intoxication....
    he himself being one of the main witnesses, got suspended from school for a year and has to serve 11 different trials.... they would force pledges to drink several gallons of water at a time.... he beinga first semester brother was not allowed to haze yet.... the kid died of over saturation, went to kidney failure and his brain swelled and hemoragged....

    wonderfull way to go huh?
  3. AHHH!!!

    *looks into glass of water.. screams, runs away...*

    now im scared.

    if i dont come on tomorrow, you know where i am...
  4. you ever suck dick for coke? Now that's an addiction.
  5. and remember when in a foreign country with funny smelling tap water: don't drink it.

    doesn't apply to me though. i only drink beer :D
  6. hi my names ashley and im an addict! when im in school i smoke, when im at home i smoke, when i blaze, i smoke more! hahaha im baked.
  7. hahaha smoking is goooood.

    being baked is good too :D

    hahaha i just finished making the funniest bong ever! 3 man hookah, hahaha. its all crap i found around the house, but it looks like its gonna be good. i cant wait for sealant to dry to can take a test run.

    the only store bought part is my glass bowl.
  8. holy shit i never knew ya could od on water lol, thats fuckin crazy..i always heard drink more water..8 glasses a day..thats a lot to id think youd have to consume lots of water to od :p
  9. Reading thjis thread makes me think that i might of almost OD on water then i was so high on a hot summers day and was drinking loads of water about 15 to 20 gleasses then when i left and was on the bus all my vains were popping out to the max and it felt really weird and warmy and keeped on tapping up and down kinda wierd feeling but it stopped soon after so i guess it wasn't no biggy.
  10. Of course you can OD on water... ever heard of drowning?
  11. I am addicted to coke.

    I've been ableto cut the morning coke, but still, I drink about 1.5L (sorry I use mertics!) a day..
  12. Weed = safer than water.
    You can OD on water but phsyically impossible on weed!
  13. viscous, does this mean a balanced breakfast really consists of OJ, Milk, Toast, A Pop Tart, and a Doobie?!?

    works for me :D

    Update: ive been drinking about 80 ounces of water a day pretty consistanly. not as much as before, but still alot. no sign of od ing though... hahahah.

    Yes, but having water fill your lungs to the point that you can no longer take in any oxygen is VERY differant from OD'ing...

  14. was going to say the exact thing

  15. It would consist of Milk with THC absorbed in the fatty cells of the milk (finally something good about fatty foods, more fat for THC to be stored in!!), eggs cooked with cannabutter, toast with cannabutter of course, and finally, a J to go on the side. A balanced breakfast that WILL start your day with a bright smile. :)
  16. Mabe they suold criminalize water and make pot legal.
    I have the same problem ( not the coke thing ) but with drinking alot of fluids. I will easy drink a galalon of water in a day but thats mostly when I'm working. Have to paint houses in the fucking sun.Can there be a medical thing wrong with you.
  17. i remember being told the tale of how a student once did a survey of as many students and lecturers as he could find for a big report. there was only one question. should Dyhydrogen Oxide be banned and made ilegal internationally? and there was a great long speach about all the terrible things this chemical is responsable for. for example... being the main ingredient in acid rain. being the cause of death through suffocation of hundreds every year. wanted by many third world dictators. etc etc.

    everyone bought into it. not one student or lecturer opposed the idea.

    very amusing.

    i wonder if there has been tests done to find the LD50 of water. i wanna know if it really is more lethal than cannabis ( i have no doubt it is, but i wanna see the proof before i go spouting of at everyone who thinks poorly of cannabis )

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