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  1. Put a couple songs up, they're both currently only instrumental, I'm working on my first vocal track for this project for another song and that will be up shortly.

    Again, made for stoners by me, let me know in your post whether or not you're high, cause I want to formulate some rough statistics.

    It's sort of jazzy/trip-hop expirimental type stuff. The Consession Break song will be mixed with some sounds of a session as soon as I get one recorded. :cool:

    Tell me what you think.

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  2. The first song was pretty damn good I thought. I smoked a roach and took some pills.... It put me in a trance man, I definately liked it.

    The second had to much of a dark sound. It was alright but nothing I would listen to consistently.

  3. Thanks a lot man, most of the stuff will probably have either a dark or psychedelic vibe to it, one way or another.

    + Rep for the first reply. :cool:
  4. Pfft. 70 Views and 1 Reply? Atleast leave me a "good" or "bad" if you don't feel like writing much.
  5. the first one is pretty good, to me wat would go good wit the 1 song(lyrically speaking and the way ur rapping/singing w/e) would be sumthin like zach de la rocha maybe, or rage against the machine type style, maybe serj tankian he sorta mathces those styles i guess but, their styles i like and i think is wat i would like to hear wit the 1st song, the 2nd i really didnt care for(jus didnt catch my attention at all)
    well good luck
    peace out

  6. Thanks a lot man, I appreciate the ideas. :)

    If there's any musicians on here who'd like to collaborate whether it be on one of those songs that I have posted, or a brand new one, message me! Especially interested in vocalists, djs, sax players, well... anything really. Message me!
  7. dude, great music. i liked how the first song came together slowly! keep it coming
  8. sounds good, my only suggestion is that you mix it up a little if you make it a full fledged song. Personally, i love tempo changes and intricate bass lines while high, which would work great with the main melody in the first song (especially, if you are going for a hip-hop vibe). IDK, just my 2 cents, otherwise good work!\
  9. Thanks man, I actually might change it up like you said after the solo part. +rep for the suggestion. :cool:

    P.S. Don't be afraid to add the myspace either! Thanks. :)
  10. Sounds good man. You should add some deep bass in the Conssesion one, some slappidy slap and I've been noodling on guitar to some of the stuff...if I like any of the stuff I come up with I'll record it and send it to you but I'm diggin' both of them especially the latter one.

    What program did you use for beats and mixing?
  11. Mixing, I generally use Cubase. For drums, it's either Reason, of a custom kit I assembled in FL Studio. Usually, when I'm inspired I open up FL studio, or hook up my Multitrack recorder and record whatever I have. Sometimes the rough draft ends up in the mix, sometimes it doesn't. Definitely send anything good you come up with over, I'll appreciate it.
  12. New version of Consession Break up, now with bong/lighter in the background. :smoke:
  13. I agree with iSativa, spontaneousness in songs makes them really trippy while fucked, but I really like your sound.
  14. salvial,

    like the sound. would indeed be trippy as hell and love the genre of trip hop. Also says your from ontario...where you from bro...i am to...
  15. Cool stuff man. Do you play live? I'm in Toronto.
  16. Thanks a lot man, as soon as I finish up this demo/ep thing and release it to some extent I'm planning on getting a live band together and getting some shows together, I'll be sure to let you know.

    And right now I'm living near Newmarket.

    Thanks for the comments, keep 'em comin'. :smoke:

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