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My Munchies for The Night

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DMX, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. Smoked a few blunts, and just tore apart my kitchen.

  2. lmao such a stoner variety
  3. If thats cold pizza, then that is gross. I don't know why people like cold pizza so much.

    Anyway, other than that, looks delicious.

    Like usual, I'm gunna smoke a bowl and have some ramen!
  4. Worst. Stomach. Ache. EVAR.
  5. Ehh. My In n Out was better. ;):metal::yay:
  6. I wish I could eat like a normal human

  7. No I hate cold pizza... As I was making my grilled chese Sandwich, I figured Id throw the piecee of pizza on the Pan to crisp it up. Worked great.
  8. you call that a pizza?! well...... i guess itll do if u wer left scrougnging around the house....

  9. I'll post what we're gonna eat tonight after we make it. some awesome breakfast food on the menu lol
  10. this is BY FAR the funniest fucking thread i've ever seen here
  11. I got 4 Volcano Tacos from Taco Bell. And my boss gave me some chili.
  12. Volcano tacos are the best stoner food ever. they are the shit:laughing:
  13. I love taco bell. Chicken burritos.. Steak or chicken Quesadillas, And volcano tacos are fuking amazing.
  14. Be careful in the mornign that is going to burn
  15. Me: Did you make a milkshake yet?
    Brother: Yes
    Me: Can you make me one?
    Brother: Get out the icecream

    It was the best damn milkshake ever.
  16. This is my munchies!

    Attached Files:

  17. a nice salad then im baking cookies
  18. Do they actually freakin cook the burgers where you live? The one by my house NEVER cooks them through. I only go there when I feel like puking the next day.

    I'm about to head to Taco Bell. Not the best, but it certainly qualifies as stoner food. Then I've got some home made black berry pie for desert. Hand picked berries and all. :D
  19. After I munch out i always feel fat as fuck, it kinda sucks.
  20. I hate salads... Junk food FTW!

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