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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Toberson, Nov 30, 2003.

  1. Grrr, my mum found my plant at 5 days old, and she dint kick off but sed i have to get rid of it unless i find some legal proof or something.. Is it legal to grow up to 4 plants in ur own home? .. i heard that sumwhere...

    Or what else can i do, its my firs grow na di dont want to get rid of them, there doing good for 5 days..

  2. your mother is looking out for you, think about it like this, lets just say youve told your friends, and maybe i could be wrong, anyways, you piss a friend off, they shoot your name off to the cops, telling them your family grows pot. they are not coming to your moms house with your name on the search warrent. it will have your parents name on it. now, if you live in the states, im not aware of any state that says you can posses any amount of plants. therefore, your mom risks loosing her house in the search and seizure,which means you have no place to live, has an arraignment hearing possibly after spending 12-24hrs in jail, a set court date, lawyer cost, court cost, and a court fine with possible jail time and probation. plus social services may get involved because you sound like you may be a minor, with you doing what you want to do, youre putting your whole family at risk. now this only applies if you live in the states. if not than ignore what i say unless your country is as strict as ours.
  3. i live in the UK, and ive herd laws like 4 plants no more. must be inside and not outside, shit like that..
  4. well in that case ignore what i said, your country seems to be more tolerant than mine, there are a couple of UK growers in the city, they should be more than happy to answer your legal questions. you may want to try to do a google search on laws in country concerning mj :)
  5. seems its illegal, but its most likely you would get off witha slapped wrist if you have bout 4 plants..

    you thin my mum will allow it?
  6. if she's ordering you to get rid of it, what makes you think she'll let you keep it?
  7. dunno, can i put it outdoors? i live in england and its rainning alot at the moment lol.. pretty cold too..
  8. nope, they will die, wrong time of the year, most outdoor growers dont place outdoors until april. go to the outdoor grow thread, read grOwers outdoor guide. this should shed some light to what you will have to do.
  9. hmmmm.. what else could i do?
  10. convince your mom youre into botany, start growing other plants, request a digital or 35 mm camera and start shooting, stating illegal plants are your passion, you must capture their image :)
  11. whats botany lol?... i told her im into gardening and stuff but she thinks its great im able to grow a plant etc, she dosent like the fact its cannabis, shes given me a few days to do something with it.. what else can i do to convince her?
  12. hmm, she dosent mind me smoking it, and she hates bailing me out of debt, last time it was like 140 pound :(....

    I get really embarrasssed talking to her about it tho.. she knows i smoke it though..

    She was worried that if i got caught she would loser her job etc..
  13. what could i do to impress her or convince her? She wants me to be more clever and work hard in school etc, maybe if i did all the coursework that ive meant to have done that she is compalining about?

    maybe write a paper on how this will be good for me, not getting me indebt, not buying it on the street etc..

    maybe just hiding it and saying i got rid of it?

    which would work?
  14. botany is the study of fauna, plants etc...hey if your mom knows you smoke than just talk to her about it. this will work in your favor also if youre not a drunk. jus tell her it helps with your anxiety or some bs. you cant afford street prices and tell her it scaring having to be out there like that. you have more peace in mind knowing youre growing something you enjoy and has medicinal values despite what the govt states. show her some info, let her on some forums, bring her into your world. mom's understand more than you know. make her understand that you are quite concerned about security and this is not something you want to get out to embarrass you or her. if all fails, ask her in a teasing type a way if she wants to smoke with you so you can show her what your talking about :)
  15. thanks,

    but my mums mane concern is that she would get fired if i got caught and she works very hard etc. she knows its illegal to grow.

    i like the bit about street prices, she had a go at me on the weekend cus i got 50 pound out of her..

    keep em coming, what do i say to her? im a bit of a shit talker so...

    she also thinks im an exstacy head, which i am but i dont tell her that, ive quit now n e ways, so i could include something like weed stops me doing that and shit..

  16. I would try and get good grades to show her it boost your knowledge :D or get rid of a plant or two and get rid of the smell so theres like no way u can get caught and tell her it's 99% safe

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