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My Mum Found My Lighter

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Soul Asylum, May 30, 2013.

  1. so she was cleaning my room today and found my lighter under my mattress. She asked me what I used it for, and I told her I smoke weed occasionally. At first she thought I was joking, which surprised me because I thought my parents had figured it out by now. She seemed really disappointed and said she wanted me to speak to my dad tonight when he gets home.  
    Did I do the right thing? Should I have lied? How can I persuade them that it's not that bad? I'm 18 btw but I'm taking a gap year (they're common in England) so I'm not moving out for another 15 months or so.

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    You did the right thing. The truth shall set you free. My mom found a Swisher Sweet in my pants when she was washing my clothes 3 weeks ago (which I don't know why, when I can wash my own) and she asked if I've been smoking "again"? I didn't know that she knew I smoked so I went ahead and said yes. Now I feel good that she knows, but I don't think she knows I smoke weed but cigars. =o Most of the time, parents would say it's okay for their kids to smoke weed but their just concerned that it's illegal. So, you can try to explain to them that's it's harmless do some research. Also, i'm also taking a gap year before I go to college but my mom said that's it's not an option -__- but forget that, I need to build my resume before college, get my certs in CompTia and maybe get an internship while i'm a freshman in college. Goodluck with telling them and gap-year.
  3. Should have lied bro.
    Mom found everything in my room when i was freshman in high school and life sucked ever since.
    I was always suspected of being high, which was bad cuz I always came home high for just that reason lol
  4. Your an adult, and it;s your decision. Don't let your parents stop you from smoking weed by telling you it's illegal and drinking is a better option. I can't stand hearing that from parents. 
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    cigarettes would have been a better answer but they would have found out eventually.
    Word of advice - don't try to justify it to your parents because 90% of the time they won't believe a word you say. Just say you've only smoked a few times and save all the the pointless hassle lol
    sounds like your going to uni next year so just keep the herb hidden until you move out :)
  6. You threw yourself under the bus on this one.
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    Should've said it was for bottle rockets
  8. They'll respect you more for telling the truth, instead of lying. The fact that you were straightforward with them is good.
  9. Don't lie to your parents :)
  10. Damn. Very impressed w yoyr honesty! It'll go a long way w your folks! I femember I told my mom I loved fireworks when she found my lighters lol

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  11. when i was in kansas i went to a concert to the band sevendust i smoked a joint with him he said kill it so i was walking with it then my dads like PUT IT OUT WHAT R U DOOOOING? i say fuck no dad im gonna enjoy this famous joint fuck you DAD
    I smell bullshit, I've opened for NUMEROUS large named bands, and I've only gotten to smoke with the members of said bands if I got REAL lucky. The fact that a random fan smoked with "him" (whoever that may be) is complete bullshit.
    A.) You'd have to get backstage or catch them coming off the bus
    B.) You'd have to be a real cool guy to be able to smoke with any famous person
    C.) You're like 12.
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    HELLLLL NO! you did the RIGHT thing man. all these stoners out here saying they're "stoners"... well I say, If you're a real stoner, you can say to your parents, your friends, your family, yeah I smoke weed! and they accept it. thats what really matters. what the fun of toking under-cover? the fuck? let EVERYONE (thats close to you and wont rat) know that you smoke weed! and tell them to accept it or don't accept it, ima do what make ME happy. (YOU'RE 18!) that is exactly what I did freshman year of highschool. My life has elevated its self so much since then. like seriously, I was in and out of court for that shit (and some others) and I was fighting with my parents and all, then one day I was like "HEY I SMOKE WEED LIKE IT OR NOT IDGAF" I just put out the truth. and after the second day or so of me doing it in the open they accept me and my habits. now my bonds with ALL my family members are a thousand times better, I have a job, I'm in college, and i'm be moving to CO Springs soon to live legally! no court troubles, no mayhem from sneeking around.. try it man, it really opens some doors. 
     Just because you've opened for some bands doesn't mean you know how every concert goes down. I've been to multiple concerts where I was able to chat and light up with some of the artists afterwards. Not all artists are expecting royal treatment and will sometimes blend with the crowd.
    That's very true, the guys from All That Remains are very much like that. But a good 3/4th of bands want to be left alone. 
    Look at that guys post history, he's no older than 15.
  16. Whats a gap year?
    Stay safe.
    Stay high.
  17. basically taking a year out after your senior year of high school but before going to college...usually to get a job and make some money or to go travelling (or both). Like 10% of people in England take one.
  18. so if i dont post enought im a minor too/ ^^ i'm 18 btw lol, unless you're just talkng about the type of content he posts
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    honestly, it really depends on the type of person your mom/parents are.
    some are okay with it, others need a convincing push, and some just down right are too ignorant to accept it.
    assuming by her disappointment, I would say that she's not as educated on the subject as the rest of us blades.
    If she's reasonable, maybe you could sit down and talk about it person to person, just be real. I would think the honesty
    would score some bonus points though. 
    also, you're an adult, so you should be able to make your own decisions - but at the same time you're living under her roof.
    so it's her rules. she can't control when you smoke, but she can control where you smoke.
  20. I always said to light candles or incense lol



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