My mum and The Union

Discussion in 'General' started by Mosuko, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. So today my mum came round, and we got to talking about weed. She's fine with me growing and smoking, but she was against people using it to self medicate. She argued that because these people got high all the time, they became totally different people when they weren't able to smoke.

    I kept telling her how much I smoked, and how I was self medicating with it. I proceeded to point out that I had been out for a week and I'm not acting "crazy" etc.

    Eventually it got to the point where I was like, "fuck it, you're watching the Union!"

    Fast forward an hour and forty five:

    "Can marijuana be used to help with blood pressure? What about arthritis and psoriasis?"

    She hates the side effects of the meds she's taking and now she wants me to bake her some brownies hahaha. Epic! Can't wait to get high with her :D
  2. Its funny what a little bit of awareness can do. Glad to hear she changed her mind. Now go get her fuckin stoned!
  3. Oh I will be haha. She was in awe at Granny's medical list. Everything she asked about, I could bring up a study for :)
  4. Most COOL! :yay:

    Now, Mom likely won't be happy over here at GC- even though :gc_rocks: !!!

    May I suggest a site that she WILL be comfortable with? Filled with intelligent, mature medical users, is an excellent MMJ site. No "Pandora's Box" or "Spit or Swallow" threads, and trolls are quickly eliminated! GP is a serious MMJ site, and it is run by a woman, J-Angel (a real sweetie), so it isn't a "boys club"! They have my List there, too.

    Any questions your Mom has will be answered by compassionate fellow medical users.

    (Disclosure notice- I am an Admin at GP- they sort of "shanghaied" me! lol ;) Honestly, they have such a great bunch of folks at GP, that I feel like a 5th wheel! And I have WAY more fun here at Grass City!)

    Granny :wave:
  5. Gotta love it when it turns out like this! :)
  6. Edibles for the first time is the fucking greatest.
  7. Awesome! I def will be pointing her in that direction. I doubt she even knows what trolling is, so that's probably best for everyone haha. Thanks Granny :)
  8. Congrats man, my parents opened up a bit with it also my grandmother uses those brownies for her arthritis too!
  9. Yes, indeed, Chrismitty! The Union may be dismissed by some parents as just "stoner propaganda", but they can't claim that PubMed is a front for "High Times" or even NORML! lol

  10. She was dubious to start with, but I think the guy with multiple sclerosis hit her the most. Her jaw dropped when she saw what a difference it made to him. Very inspiring!
  11. Awesome! Wish things always turned out this way..
  12. Make sure you don't get her TO high, and maybe use tea instead of smoking it if you really want her to medicate.

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