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  1. A life insurance agency hires assassins to take out those with the largest insurance claims once they die. Then the agency takes the money instead of giving it to the family that deserves it.

  2. The people should be kidnapped I think, then maybe killed. So it doesn't look like they're dead. So they're presumed missing and they don't hand over any money. I really like that idea though its tight.
  3. How are they able to get away with stealing the money?
    The families would surely speak up... what's silencing them?
  4. All the people that were killed were just filed missing. The families don't know that their loved ones are dead yet so they don't even give a fuck about the insurance claims.

    Then the main character is some fat conspirator troll dude that gets a job at the insurance agency and starts to find out the truth.
  5. How were they just filed missing? That would mean the police were in on the scam too...

    Can life insurance be paid out if a person is only classified as MISSING and not as DEAD?

    I think it's a cool idea, I'm just trying to ask you questions a producer would ask before he bought your movie.
  6. 1. That's the point. That's the catch my friend

    2. They gotta be actually dead, but the agency doesn't give a fuck.
  7. Well then if the police were in on the scam why didn't you say so in your OP, that makes the idea even cooler.
  8. I'm just hoping that this idea hasn't been used before.
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    As far as I know it doesn't bring anything specific to mind. However, insurance fraud and life insurance fraud is something that's been around for a while so I'm sure there's some movie somewhere that will be kind of like yours.

    But, one thing everyone in Hollywood will tell you is to remember is that almost everything HAS been done before, its more about the execution of the idea than the idea itself.

    However you're adding a new twist to the concept of life insurance fraud (it's not a person committing life insurance fraud but an evil insurance company stealing the money) this is like telling the story from the opposite point of view it would usually be told in. So you have originality in your concept.

    If you really want to turn this into a movie your next step should be signing onto a screenwriting forum to learn the format of how to write a script.

    Read about the "Hero's Journey" and write an outline for your movie. Then take it from outline form to a 90-120 page script and register it with the WGA or Library of Congress. Then you can start submitting it to screenplay competitions, agents, managers, and studios and hopefully get paid big bucks. It's a long and tedious journey, but good luck.

    As an aspiring screenwriter myself I know a bit about the process. I'm here anytime you need help if you're serious about this, so let me know.
  10. not a bad idea
  11. I would absolutely love to take this shit to the top!
  12. Just a bump, I want to spread this around :)

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