My motherFu$king Camera broke...(An R.I.P. Gallery of farewell pics)Maybe?

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  1. [​IMG]
    (From one of her last rolls,)
    Que trumets. :(

    LUCKILY...I bought that warranty I thought Circuit City was pawning off on me..(like $200 bucks?) Anyways, the internal software is totally fried...they are gonna fix it (doubtful) or send me a store credit (for new price, $699- 3 hundred less then I paid a year ago in aug.) so I can buy another SONY A-100 if I so desire...OR, maybe I will join th4e Nikkon crew, or the clan O-CANON...gotta say though, she did give me some nice long sweet one haha:D May be premature for the burial though, see what the circuit city team of contracted proffesionals can do with the camera body:)

    (I felt like posting up some recent pics in memoriam (possible)Fucking SONY, with their awesome products, that always somehow eventually fail totally...:mad



    Gotta give props to the macro lens too, but the camera and the lens were made for each other, like marijuana and peanut butter...see






    (Shedd Aquairium








    So I will keep you folks posted on the progress...wish me luck,...the busted thing is on its way to the repair shop as I type...:wave:
  2. Damn, that hella sucks bro :( luckily you bought that warrenty though lol.

    I love those pics, well, all of your pics really, how do you get soo close to those bee's without them flying away??? +REP for the beautiful pics, i wish i had as many bugs/flowers in my neighborhood as you do :(

    Maybe next spring i'll be able to get some macros of bugs :D

    EDIT: Gotta spread the rep around
  3. You take some great photos man, definately get another camera. Like they say, pictures tell a thousand words, thanks for sharing. :wave:
  4. fuck sony dude

    they've proven time 'n again they don't care about quality (even bought tons of shitty CCD's they knew would fail within 2 years based on improper sealing)

    if you can live without an slr something like a 160-200 buck samsung digimax l60 is top notch for the cost but it's a fixed lense 6mp deal

    sweet pictures btw lol I see that water tower all the time even snapped my own sunset shots of it on a x'ed out night
  5. You mean it's up to me to entertain the people of GC with macro work? This isn't fair, you swine!! :p

    Sorry to hear about the camera man, but it's a damn good thing you were under warranty. Did your lens go too, or just the body?
  6. will keep the thread updated....I feeel like a junkie without his works and her'on...It's so weird, that camera became such a fun part of almost everyday...oh well, maybe the urge to create nice images will build up in the two or so weeks I go without...but the choices...another SONY (Thanks Ars, they do suck, but its 10.2 megapix for under 600 in a dslr with great pix quality), or Durchii, should I join the Nikkon rew? Anyway, I will have to do some research online.
  7. I spent a good 20 minutes yesterday chasing a damned dragonfly all over the place with my camera. I think he was just fucking around with me, really.

    That color and detail is just incredible, I may have to switch to a Sony someday...
  8. junkie go nikon or sigma

    I've had the pleasure of playing with a 3 ccd sigma slr and I can say without a doubt what it lacks in overall mp it makes up for in sheer detail across rgb

    trees leaves bricks insects ect all pop on a sigma slr where others (even rebels or better) fall short

    for a 'throw away' with decent res 'n macro work the l60 from samsung does kick all forms of ass imho tho
  9. I've seen some serious macro work come out of both Nikon and Canon bodies. I'm partial to Canon myself, but that's just because of ownership and I'm a biased fool all right? :p

    No matter what you go for you should definitely let us know beforehand so you can get some honest criticism.
  10. yep GC has a few digital camera buffs all willing to put their two cents in on your next buy bro but as always you should feel it out for yourself and sites like are always very helpful

    the sigma model I had the pleasure of toying with for a bit was

    but cannon 'n nikon are both fine choices for a mid end digital slr

    just avoid sony as like I said they knowingly allowed a shitload of faulty CCD's into their lineup (basically the shit used to bond the pane of glass to the capture cell wasn't up to snuff thus they got the lot cheaper and decided 2-4 years before failure was fine)
  11. Thanks guys, so ok, heres what I want, I guess I dont need the standard lens that comes with most cameras, I wouldnt mind putting the whole (expected) $700 towards just a body, so what can I get in a 10 mp or greater DSLR camera? Nikkon and Canon seem to be where I'm looking, any tips?

    Junkiedays, did your heart rate go up at all during your attempt to corner that flying bug? For me thats part of the fun of creeping up on insects to shoot macros, its like a hunter in search of big game, or some sort of crazy buried treasure, for me thats the kick, but I agree, it can be very dissappointing, espec when your friggin camera dies mid-shoot and are SURROUNDED by tons of great looking bugs (thats what happened to me), my advice would br to try to hedge your bets a little by finding a local pond or lake teeming with creepy crawlies, it will up you sweet capture percentage!:D
  12. Well, the 10mp Rebel XTi would probably be a good choice for you in the Canon realm and costs $630 at Amazon. This is probably the best choice without crossing the thousand dollar threshold into the 20/30/40D range. Now I've never used it before but it has pretty much the same build quality as your ex-A100 with some serious sensor upgrades, not to mention the broader scope of lenses and accessories for you to choose from, but this could be said for Nikon as well.

    Speaking of which, The XTi's rival in the Nikon class would be the D40x. Same price with a few subtle differences; Build quality is a bit higher on the grid, closer to my 30D than the XTi, and also sports Nikon's superior color processing. Normally with my 30D I always end up boosting the saturation just a touch in Photoshop, Nikon has always put out decent colors right from the camera. Don't forget though, you can always tweak either cameras' sensor to put out different color tones and saturations. I've always gone into my camera and said 'Hey, this shit ain't rich enough boy. Boost it up!' and she was always happy to oblige.

    The D40x is $600 on Amazon, so either way you have money for your new lens.
  13. I went with Canon, and got a Rebel XT. I had it narrowed between Canon and Nikon for the features in that price range, and they were basically equal. I compared 'em by specs and ended up choosing the XT for Canons lens line... but Nikon does have a better build to it (IMO) which I didnt look at much. If I had to make the choice again, id probley have to debate it for quite a while AGAIN.... Canon's got good specs, and a great line of lenses, while Nikon has good specs and good build quality, with better colors. Its a toss-up... I guess you should go with whatever company you think will be better in 5-10 years because you'll probly build up a collection of glass, so changing to a new brand of body would make that collection useless. Canon basically ruled the game (from what i've read) for the last decade or more, but Nikon is definatly a serious opponent now.
  14. Thanks Durchii/Pipe Puffer, The city is such an awesome place to get advice from cyber buddies....:D

    Thanks again, more updates to come...
  15. BTW, if your looking for a good site I use for almost all of my stuff. They're reliable and fairly fast, and you always get what you pay for. They also have good used eqiuipment if that interests you, I bought a used video camera off them and it was in much better condition than I expected.
    They're just a great overall company, and have very competitive prices (they're usually the cheapest I find or damn close). Good luck ;)

    EDIT: BH has the XTi for $600 body only (with all the cables, software, books, etc.), or $665 with a good quality 2GB card. Or they have a D40x for $685 w/ a 2GB card if the Nikon line strikes your interest more.
    (im pretty bored, so I did some looking up :) )

  16. Oooh, they have a 90-day warranty too, apparently. I'm almost considering picking up a used Canon to pit against my Olympus in a fight to the death... :p

    Or maybe a fight to the depth?
    (I apologize for that horrible joke.)
  17. Yea, B+H is probably the best internet based company out there. I order all of my camera gear from them unless Amazon has a better deal. I do prefer them though.
  18. Damn, bro. When you get your new camera, let's see some pics from it. It could very well sway me away from the camera I'm looking at buying.

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