My most stressed plant ever!!! Take a look!

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  1. I found this hilarious. Long story short, threw in a couple bag seeds into a drainage tray with dirt...

    Didn't think shit was going to grow, was just a small experiment. I put it by the window and over the course of months, I just walked right by it, giving it a small glimpse.

    I wanted to see how big it could get, but here it is. My ultimate stressed plant.

    Water: Gatorade, Soda, and dirty-pet-bird water (whatever the fuck was around :rolleyes:)

    Food - I literally poured a couple drops of undiluted GH Flora vegging fertilizer.. just let the green liquid sit there on top of the soil :hello:

    The cable guy came over when I was sleeping, my dad opened the door for him, he didn't know that there was a retard plant in the guest bedroom. So before he came in that room, I threw a towel over the plant.. The whole thing broke in half, and the mid part is where the plant actually fixed itself!


    See that dead plant right under it? Its actually a 4 week old male that I cut 3 days after sexing. I threw it in the pot to see if it'd grow after I completely cut its root source, but that would just be too hilarious.. Its still there though..

    Just decided to post it now since i'm 99% sure its root bound and couldn't take any more abuse even it wanted to.

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  2. put that shit into flower and you might have some tasty bud
  3. That's the funniest thing I've seen all day I can't believe it's lived through it all you have to flower it off man you owe it to the plant. Don't forget to flush it lmao
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    or just leave it beside the window, let nature take its course, but dont kill it. gj

    Its called weed for a reason
  5. uh. see-through pot = not good. don't let the roots get any light on em

    also. dude. clean up the dead leaves. they start to compost and hog nutrients in the soil.
    other than that she looks over watered. make sure you have some drainage on that pot. it just looks like you don't

  6. I don't think he cares buddy!
  7. damn was I stoned last night. didn't even have the braincapacity to get the joke -.-

    anyways if he did those things he'd might get some bud on that thing!
  8. haha it's all good, it honestly doesn't look TOO bad except for being completely rootbound
  9. Gatorade and soda.. This was pure comedy.. Thank you.

  10. cannabis cup material.

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