My Most Recent Discovery With Marijuana

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  1. if come to the conclusion that marijuana
    is in fact bad for you. ive used marijuana 
    for long periods of time. i used to be
    all for pot, the legalization, the use
    and at one point mandatory use. i used it
    every day religiously and saw all of the
    pros of the usage. i used to sell it, all
    day all night to anyone, thinking i was
    giving out medicine to those who needed it.
    i still believe it has potention for 
    positive uses.
    the reasons i believe marijuana is bad for
    you and i mean has negative effects long
    term are these:
    first of all the most common side effects
    are known and will be discussed first.
    it coats your lungs and prevents all the
    oxygen you could potentially be using in
    your body and brain. 
    it creates dry mouth, when obviously we
    need a decent amount of saliva in our
    mouths for a number of reasons.
    it destroys a persons memory. i have 
    experienced the effect and witnessed it.
    it slows and clouds your thought process
    by distracting you from what really 
    needs thought or talked about. it confuses 
    you in situations. it makes you think of
    other things HARDLY related to the subject.
    it causes a serious chemical imbalance.
    the results of this side effect are 
    infitine. from not being able to enjoy
    something unless under the influence
    to irregular sex drive. i could give
    a list of examples for this that would
    be longer than this entire post. 
    it slows or even stops the brain from
    developing. the learning capability
    while under the influence compared to
    sober is solid evidence. ive seen two
    people evter a situation where a lot
    was needed to learn in order to adapt
    to environmental change. the person 
    using marijuana daily could not learn
    at least 90% of the important things
    needed to adapt. the sober person was
    always trying to teach the user and get
    them to catch up. it blocks learning! 
    this is one of the biggest indicators to 
    me that the drug is harmful. 
    if the point of marijuana is to relax 
    and or enlighten you then read carefully.
    the arguement of relaxation is good because
    yes it physically does relax you. but what
    is the point of relaxing? to take away
    stress and therefore make you fresher
    for the things you take enjoyment in
    and the everyday things in life like work.
    but it does more harm if it only 
    temporarily relaxes you and at other times
    makes things worse. it is agreed that
    marijuana magnifies experience correct?
    if thats the case then it magnifies stress
    when youre being stressed, makes problems
    bigger than they, makes you MORE depressed
    it makes you think MORE unfocused not
    the opposite. if youre using it to treat
    a psychological illness it can
    only make it worse if pot does what the 
    user has said its done since the
    controversy has existed. 
    i can go ON AND ON. i have used it for a
    long time. i have not used it for a long
    time after using it. i decided this year
    that starting on janurary 1st i would
    use no drugs or alcohol including
    marijuana. since then i have slowly slowly
    seen the differences. i have observed
    the effects from a clear headed perspective
    by taking note of its effects on my peers
    under the influence. 
    there was a part of me telling myself all
    the good things it does for me. and another 
    part telling me that may be wrong. the part
    that sees the negative effects. the part
    that sees the negative has grown much
    larger than the other which is why ive
    changed my mind after believing for so long
    i now see it as a stage people go through
    to learn things about themselves. and thats
    one of the benefits. you can learn the things
    about yourself that need to be improved in
    order for you to EVOLVE. but not all day
    every day. then your just hurting yourself
    by doing the wrong things all the time.
    marijuana is considered by the average user
    to be natural. why? because it grows out
    of the fucking ground? we found a plant,
    smoked it and said hey this has some 
    EFFECTS what else can it do, and ever since
    then weve tried to figure out what its for.
    its no longer used naturally, and never was.
    smoking things is NOT natural. mixing a
    chemical with fat for it to actually be 
    able to be used by the body is NOT
    natural. taking the plant INDOORS and
    pumping way more light and nutirents into 
    it than it would normally receive is
    NOT natural. 
    it MIGHT be able to be used correctly if it 
    was used when a person was sick at the correct 
    dose which is probably hundreds of times lower
    than how we use it today.
    todays use of marijuana has an overall
    negative impact on our mind and bodies.
    the primary use of todays marijuana
    is to show us the people who need to 
    cahnge things in their lives to become
    healthy. those people are your every day
    marijuana users and the marijuana
    is what prevents them from realizing this.
    this was a quick post about my most recent
    discovery. response?

  2. tbh, tl;dr, summary?
  3. I respect your feelings man but looks like you didn't smoke enough. You are putting weird and blind facts which ain't even true. Marijuana stops brain development? Are you kidding me ?
  4. Jesus fuck less than 24hrs stormcrow should be here to PROVE everything you just said to be wrong. Not just making a statement like you have, but with actually studies.

    Maybe pot just isn't for you man?
  5. It ain't bad or good. It's neutral. You have to learn to use it properly.
  6. I dunno man. Studies are starting to pile evidence on the good side and not much bad is really surfacing.
  7. There is such thing as smoking too much. You should either calm down and smoke more or lay off for a while. That's all rubbish..
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    Tl;dr version pls

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  9. Those are the worst lyrics I've (n)ever read.
  10. my response to the previous replies:

    for a year a smoked maybe 5 grams a week. the next year i smoked a quarter a day. these facts arent weird or blind. theyve been proven and/or i have observed them. and when i say brain development i dont mean like the physical structure of the brain i mean like hormones chemical imbalance you know? psychological. not being able to move on. ive seen people grow and evolve slower when theyre high all day.
    if you do research objectively you will find the evidence goes both ways. there are lots of studies about the good. a lot of studies about the bad. there arent too many GOOD long term studies. these studies cancel each other out for me and im left with studying it in person for myself. 
    ive smoked different amount consistently. ive layed off for a while on different occasions.
    i enjoy the responses and am actually waiting for this person that is supposed to come and disprove everything
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    Credible links to support your "discoveries"? No? Then no...
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    posts in pot forum why pot sucks ...lmao
  13. No one here is going to support you or your incorrect statements, so what exactly was the purpose of this thread?
  14. If your smoking a quarter a day maybe you should find a job, or maybe not have such a addictive personality ive been smoking 7 years almost everyday never experienced what your going through or even come close to smoking a quarter a day. Maybe you should switch to alcohol 32 oz of hard liquer a day sounds like enough.
  15. I tried to understand this thread but all the marijuanas I've smoked have turned my brain to mush.
  16. All that potention... wasted.
  17. No discussion of dealing here on Gc.

    And no credible sources for your claims, which makes them baseless assumptions based on a pothead who was too paranoid of their use.

    Miserable fail.
  18. Some days maybe no smoking at all is needed
    Other days smoking once for praystrechmeditation is good.
    Other days you smoke allday to elavate above the bullshit
    Otherdays you smoke allday and its bad time cause you need to focus.

    I agree natural has some to do with it.
    Is fire and salt w cooking natural?
    Yeah non organic pumped up weed is just drugs

    Even outdoor sun and soil can cause havoc if puffed unnessacaralily.

    Some day i t will fade it may be an illusion that we are not high and need to smoke.

    You can visit heaven but can't stay till your done

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