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My month long T-Break, HAS ENDED EARLY!!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Feelin Irie, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. So I decided I was going to take a break for a month and start back up when December came, I'd have a month off school and I'd just pickup where I left off, smoking mad weed :smoke:

    Well... today is like 2 weeks in, and man, I just vaped a bowl! So, before you guys call me weak willed/minded and such, (Something I'd say to myself, but hear me out), listen to this.

    The reason I decided to take this break was because my parents were threatening to kick me out of the house because I always smelled like weed/would be high around them. Well, ever since I took this break, my parents have been much better towards me, I didn't tell them I'm taking the break, but I assume they noticed (due to the lack of smell/red eyes).

    So the first week was fine, np, I didn't mind not smoking. Then this week comes, and I realize just how much I truly missed it. I missed every single thing there is about cannabis, the break really made me appreciate it, and just how wonder the herb is. Anyways, I decided that this break could be handled a different way. I figure, the reason weed was having a negative impact on my life, was because I was quite too obvious about it. Basically my parents, I see a trend actually now that I look back on it, KNOW I smoke, we talk about it and everything, they know it's not bad, they've said it, they just don't want me to do it. Basically... they don't want to see/know I do it. Respectable.

    I will now not smoke in the house again. I will make sure not to smell like weed, and I'll just respect them more. I feel as if this is the best option for me.

    oh yeah, I'm so ripped :smoke:
  2. I used to do this. I'd plan on taking a long break and then somehow rationalize it to myself and it would be okay. My parents too were not fond of my marijuana usage and I think they have noticed a change since I stopped smoking. I mean I bet you got nice and high but next time stick it out man more moments of clarity will ensue.
  3. Man, let me tell you something though. As I was tpying out my post, I got that same idea, that what if I'm just trying to rationalize this, and that it's the thought process of an addict. Well, fuck, if that's the case, good thing I'm just addicted to weed :smoke:. Real talk, I didn't see any difference from when I smoked, to me not smoking. No haze, nothing. I actually felt a bit more clear while stoned all the time, my mind works much quicker.

    Oh, and I REALLY missed the music euphoria... gah it's amazing

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