My Monday Snow-Day High

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    Going to bed last night, I had prayed to everything good in the universe to let us have a snow day. I knew it was going to snow about 1-2 inches going to sleep, but our school is notorious for not letting us out in snowy conditions.
    Anyway, went to sleep hoping that we'd get a snow day, so I could smoke pot all day away from any suspiscions of parents. It was gonna be fucking tight.
    And it is tight. I woke up, at 6AM,  to the sound of Mom telling me we didn't have school. I jumped around in bed saying "yiss". It was a good morning. I went back to sleep until 8AM. Got up, hoped my brother and his kid weren't here, they were. Damn. That means I can't smoke in the bathroom. (The bathroom is right next to the bedroom) So, I smoke in my room. I've only done it once at this point, (all other times being in the bathroom) but it seemed effective. GBong hit, blow through spoof under the bed, simple. At least, it seemed that way. I take the bong out, open my curtains for a little mood lighting, and boom- it's beautiful.
    Trouble is, I guess my gravity bong doesn't work that well. I made it the exact same way as my senior-pot-smoker friend- but I guess I just messed up somewhere along the way. Moreover, back to the story. I smoked about three hits off the bong before I realized that that shit sucked. So I took the container of the GBong, a weird one-drink cooler I got from Wal-Mart, kept the water in it, but got my waterfall bong bottle out. I would use the cooler as a pool from which to suck in the water! Spoilers: It worked like a charm. Only hiccup is that I did it in the utiility room- which may or may not be a bad idea, considering that's where all the cleaning supplies are. But then, Dad smokes cigarettes out of the back door in there, so I don't think it'll be a problem. Spraying Febreeze in there will be a safe measure. I smoke near-9 hits in the utility room, blow it through the sploof outside, The only fuck-up that happened was my brother came in, didn't see the supplies or anything, but saw me sititng there? I had the dryer on, so he couldn't have heard the lighter. I told him to go back to sleep, and he did. That wasn't the problem- the problem was that I'd already lit the hit, the smoke was leaving the bong for the entire couple seconds I was away. I freaked out, (at the time more concerned about the smoke waste than the smell) and opened the door and fanned all that I would think would be smoke-covered outside. I don't see it being a problem.
    Anyway, I get cut short because my lighter ran outta juice. I gotta find another one somewhere around here...
    But I came back into my room, ate some poptarts, jerked off. (Amazing combination btw)
    I'm gonna go shower in a bit. I'll edit my story throughout the day to keep the flow going.
    Edit: 3:45 PM
    Shower was great. Brother and his kid left, and I smoked about 4 bowls and stopped for the day. I was so high I was about to piss myself. My friend called me, though, so I went outside. The fresh, cold air helped me calm down. We talked about this Western weed he got earlier this week- apparently it's the best he's ever smoked. But that'll be a story for another day.

  2. The college I go literally never cancels class for snowy weather. If someone suggested they would cancel for 1-2 inches they would laughing your face.
  3. Lol I wish canada had snow days. We could have snow months.

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  4. like a boss...
  5. it snows too often here to have a snow day. they should call them "I'm too much of a bitch to drive" days
  6. Sig-worthy. 

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