My monday night

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  1. Hello bladesssssssss.

    Yesterday i got into a dirtbike accident and have some pretty serious road rash on my arm and leg. Im housebound and weedless which sucks so i figured ill tell you about my awsome monday night.

    So at around 6 o clock i called up this girl i know to see if she could hook me up with some budd's see said sure and to meet her near this field by my apartment. So i get there she hands me a nice fat bag and asks if i want to chill and smoke. And i being the nice guy i am of course say yea. So we chilled in the field and smoked about a bag( i threw 10 and she threw 10). So after that her sister decided to get cigg's so we started walking to my apartment. We were just chilling me her and her friend chris. So when her sister gets back we decide were gona go to the beach and smoke some more. So i of course said i was down. So at around 8 p.m. we set off towards the beach. When we got there we chilled and hotboxed the car. And i was saying man i wish i had a blunt. Since i love hotboxing cars with huge blunts. Then chris turns to me and says "dont worry before this night is over me and you will smoke a blunt" so i thought that was pretty chill. Considering i had met chris just this night. So as we were done smoking we chilled and looked at the stars and water. it was pretty chill. So after we were done the girl i was with had to go home since she is a little young(16). So her sister went to go drop her off while me and chris chilled at his crib with his boi keith. They were pretty fucking kool just chilling giving me beers and shit. So then chris whips out a dutch and says heres your blunt man. And i threw him the last nugg i had and he put down a fat sack. So as chris is rolling this blunt me and his boi keith are watching some video of some kid they know streaking in front of the whole school. Which was pretty fucking hilarious. So after chris gets done rolling we were trying to wait for the girl to come back but she was taking to long so we decided to spark this blunt. No exagration this blunt was the best i smoked. It burned for about 40 minutes and considering it was only about a 30 bag thats pretty chill. SO as were smoking this the girl comes back and we chill and hotbox the car with the blunt :smoking:.

    We were all doing kool things with our hits. My thing is i can blow a big smoke ring out then suck it back in ghost/kill hit style. SO after were done smoking that blunt i was pretty retarded. We listnined to some Biggie andf chilled then decided to go to taco bell. me and chris went inside and chris got food. The crazy part about this is while we were in taco bell chilling. Some crazy chick comes in and says something in spanish and im like o sorry i dont speak spanish. Then shes like oh okay and she tells me what she said in english. She said watch my keys while i go in the back. SO im like laughing my ass off cause of this crazy chick. So then this other stoner guy is like yo bro dont worry about her shes crazy. Which made me laugh so much more. So fucking funny. so after chris gets his taco bell its about 1 o clock in the morning so i told the girl to drop me off ending an awsome night

    hope you guys enjoyed my story i kow i enjoyed that night :D

    - peace and keep tokin':smoking:
  2. sounds fun as hell man. sorry to hear about the road rash, that shit feels like it will never go away
  3. Yea road rash really sucks. Im pretty worried about any of my wounds being infected i tried to clean them out the best i could yesterday but the pain is pretty much unbearable. I crashed at about 6:30 yesterday and im still in pain as we speak :(

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