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  1. Some of them are twisting and bending a bit, prolly nothing wrong but just wondering how they look from your point of views.

    Should i transplant now, or wait a little?

    They are gonna go under a 600 hps for 18/6, maybe 12/1

    Heres the list of what strains they are,

    TH Seeds - Burmese Kush
    Dinafem - Diesel
    TH Seeds - Kushage
    TH Seeds - SAGE
    G13 Labs - Sour Ak
    Dinafem - White Widow

    Top 69 and 2 Sweet Dwarf, all autoflowers \t\t\t\t\t\t

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  2. looks like a nute deficiency of some sort. However id wait until the next node comes out. The first few always show some weird characteristics like twisting leaves etc. If they show twisting in the tips of the new leaves youll be sure its a nute def. Then check the stickies and match it up
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    shouldn't be nute def tho, they are seedlings and its in miracle gro soil. Weird. maybe its too close to the lights?

    i adjusted and tested the ph of water and soil too

  4. Does Miracle Grow soil have time release nutes in it or is it organic starting soil?
    Seedlings dont need any nutes for the first several weeks or so. Also are you PH testing the soil or the run off?
  5. Main culprit for twisty leaves that I could find is high Ph. I'm a rookie no doubt, but recently was scouring for info on it and that's what fixed my problem. Couldn't tell ya if it's the high Ph itself that causes or maybe the Ph was locking out a couple nutrients
  6. Mine always start like this but once they grow they will be fine. Also I grew out the same diesel its super flavorful with a uplifting high very citrus flavored. I also grew out the sage super head high but takes a long time to flower 11-12 weeks

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