My mom's the best (except she doesn't smoke)

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Lucid_Reality, Apr 25, 2003.

  1. so i hotboxed my car with a buddy last night, and today my sister had to drive my mom somewhere in it completely reeked of pot. they get back, and my mom comes up to my room...she says 'why does the car smell so bad?', and i say 'because last night i smoked pot in it.' normally i would have attempted a half-assed story about how 'i wasn't involved, it was my friends!', but at this point, i just did not care.
    she stood there for about 30 seconds while i was playing a computer game, and finally said 'well it just about made me sick...' and walked out of the room. :)

    pretty cool considering she'd have kicked my ass if she'd actually CARED like she used to :)
  2. so shes lightened up a bit.. thats good. so has my mom. she used to get pissed as all hell, but a couple weeks ago she found my weed, and got it back! she was a little drunk, and her boyfriend actually asked for some because he was too! so then hes makin a tinfoil pipe, and i go "wanna see what im bringing to my friends tonight" and i showed her my chocolate blunt :)
  3. Samus, that's the best feeling in the world eh? it would have been super sweet if you woulda gotten high with the folks, but if they aren't bothered by it, thats great!

    WhitE_RabbiT, yeah, you just kinda have to wittle em down ;)
    you might get some hassle at first, but eventually they just sorta realize that you're alright from smokin it :p
    -unless they're the crazy nazi prohibitionists who would throw you in a nuthouse at the first whiff of marijuana smoke and glazed eyes ;) jk
  4. if yer folks get pissed about u getting stoned, just get pissed back at them for being pissed about u being stoned! ;D

    you know your in the right... so arm yourself with more facts and knowledge and break them down so that all they can say against it is "it's still ilegal tho" and "i dont like the smell!"

    thats what i've done.

    my dad never really says anything anymore (except the occasional "wogh, you smell.") and mum cant handle my Dbatin skills. ;) so i win.
  5. lol Digit

    i've gotten into so many debates with my mom... each time i present something new and she can't do anything except resort to: 'it's an unnecessary risk. why take it?' which i respond 'it's my decision and my life, and i feel like taking the 'risk' (whatever it may be)'
  6. yeah for real, lucid. you are completely correct. its your friggin' life. and its not going to kill you, a stupid decision you make on your own may kill you. whatever, no worries

  7. My mom is pretty sweet. I got ripped off 50 bucks and she flet bad and gave me 40 (she paid 20 of the 50 before) She was a total pothead/acidhead in college. Shes an art teacher, what do you expect! I used to have her check out my pot to make sure i didnt get ripped off.
  8. damn thats tight. my parents have lightend up alot also.... they used to care and ground me if i came home high, but I smoke on the back porch and they dont even care anymore...

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