My moms high in a mall

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    Alright, so on christmas my dad showed up sconed out of his mind talking about how shocked he was that we have so many geese here, so he goes wandering off into the woods by my moms apartment to find the geese. as i went to take the garbage out, i guess my dad gave my moms boyfriend a bag of weed and said merry christmas. he cant smoke cause he works for the state and gets tested all the time so he gave it to my mom.
    i called her today to ask where the pizza cutter was and she said, "hold on ill call you back i have weed on my fingers."
    at first i thought i was just really sconed and she said something else, then i remembered the weed, so i went looking for it and couldnt find it.
    she called me like ten minutes ago and was sooo spaced out. since my grandmas car is at honda getting a new windshield installed, i need to go pick it up, so shes like "mom moms car is done.......... click" i call back "its like, i guess you go get it........ click" i call back "hey mom moms car is done, ill be home in a half an hour to drive to get it with you. well take my car."
    shes at the mall blazing with her friend from high school who she used to blaze with but hasnt in like 30 years
  2. whats "sconed" ?
  3. Haven't had a scone in a while
  4. [quote name='"Swat281"']whats "sconed" ?[/quote]

    He ate a fuck ton of pastries
  5. [ame=]more smoking - YouTube[/ame]
    we just gave her a little brownie poundie so shes a little sconed, little sconer junior
  6. ..other babies dude. i got a bunch of them

    oh man
  7. Sometimes I understand ghetto writing better then this
  8. you cant read?
    try it, its fun
  9. OK hold on
  10. I wish I could get high with my mom and bake chocolate chip cookies...if only.
  11. was she smokin that perp skerp?

    or is it bombass-dankass?
  12. i think it was some of that bombass dankass purp skurp from up north?
    the fumes make it happen dude
    sometimes i wonder where my dad gets that skunkunk
  13. So your mom was some how turned into a pastry, and is wandering the malls yelling about her car?
  14. makes me smile to see older people smoke weed :)
  15. [quote name='"FlawlessMagnum"']

    U cant just change definitions of words lol[/quote]

    Refer to the video I posted. A lot of tokers on here like good neighbor stuff. It's a risk when you reference them. But it's worth it for those who know them :)
  16. Some of that catapolonic off the 1-5.
  17. Yo dude i just got a new piece, hand blown glass blown!
  18. My mom smokes regularly for pain relief from debilitating neck problems. Never seen her high though...

    My dad used to be a smoker, but can't because of drug testing. So every now and then, like when we go to the movies, I'll smoke him up. He gets stoned off his ass, it's great.

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