My Mom's Crazy

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  1. So I went grocery shopping and picked out a bit of food I wanted and then just some general foods. My mom was developing film and I had a list of what she wanted. So I got them. Everything is fine and dandy.

    This morning. She starts eating all the shredded beef I got for sandwhichs and the microwavable flautatas (i think that's how you spell it :\ its mexican food) She comes in to my room and asks if I want any of it and I go "No, I'm not hungry, but are you gonna eat all the food I had picked out that I wanted?"

    She FLIPS out! Automatically get's the whiney face on and storms outta my room and comes back and is like "Here take them, I DON'T WANT THEM."

    I go "Mom, chill out, why are you being so emotional? I just asked if you were gonna eat all the food I had picked out that I wanted."

    "THAT WAS SO RUDE OF YOU! Telling me what I can and can't eat!"

    "I never said what you can and can't eat! God damn. Just stay outta my room so you don't frustrate me anymore."

    She thinks that because she is 50 she doesn't have to listen to anyone and if somebody tells her to do something or she THINKS they are telling her to do something, she'll flip out and start crying.

    Anyone else have any crazy moms like this?

  2. She got mad because you said that in an attackful manner and she defended herself. Just bring it up nicer next time and you can aviod this all-together.

    I don't think she's crazy, just a tad defensive, no?
  3. I find that in situations like this, it is honestly best to just get away from her and calm yourself down. Don't feel bad or upset because you didn't do anything wrong, just try to not get worked up about it and realize that if a person flips out at sumtin small like that, theres nuthin you could have done to avoid it. Sometimes people are just sensitive to certain comments, maybe earlier someone called her fat or sumtin and this just hit her as an insult. Dunno, try not to get urself upset tho cause it only makes you feel shitty as well. Hope this helped. Peace.
  4. Yeah women are sensitive on the weight/food issue.
  5. From the stories he has given us, his mom is just EXTREMELY sensitive to anything he will say to her and react like a frustrated child when they do not get their way

    The only advice i can give to you is to try to be as nice as possible until you can move out and not have to deal with it anymore
  6. Your mom is just like mine, and it's because of this attitude of hers that we do not get along.
  7. Everyone chant with me!!

    yyyaaaAAAYYY menopause!

  8. Took it outta my mouth lol.

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