My Mommy Broke Her Shoulder

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    Last week was pretty crappy for WildWill's household. I shall sum so I don't have to "tl-dr"

    1) 4 year old who started Pre-School 1-18-11 had to skip the rest of school because she had 2 peepee accidents and teacher is being a bitch.

    2) Stressed out from above because cannot afford non-free preschool, and teacher has labelled her "not potty trained" and keeps telling us that we have to put her in a class where they can change her diapers. She hasn't worn diapers in over a year!

    3) Money woes, as always.

    But then on Thursday morning I get a call from my Mom, who's only 20 years older than I am, and still working - she tells me that she "needs a favor" - I'm like OK what? "Come get me at the emergency room."

    OK, I'll be right there.

    "Don't you want to know why?" I already clicked into "emergency mode" was getting the kid ready to go and was almost out the door.

    She broke her shoulder, trip and fall while at work.

    Today she was told she has to have surgery. My mom has never had a broken bone, nor do I think she's ever had major surgery.

    Anyway, she's in a lot of pain - at one point I gave her a toke from my pinch, and she coughed and it made the pain I felt bad. She doesn't toke much anymore, but she used to when my Dad was alive.

    So long story short, send my Mom some positive vibes, I know she's more scared about the surgery than she lets on, she always tries to put on a brave face and hates asking people for help.

    I know she'll be fine, but you know positive karma eh?
  2. Good vibrations are on the way to your mom. Happiness, love, smiles and good times as well. :)
  3. aw will, sorry to hear that man...hope she gets well soon
  4. Thanks, she's in a lot of pain, worried about getting addicted to the pain-killers too! That's what our society has become, she's more worried about getting addicted to Oxycontin rather than trying to dull the pain, which she says is an 8 out of 10!

    I mean, I'd rather not be pumped full of pharmaceuticals either, but in some things there really aren't any other methods of killing the pain.

    If there are, I'll be sure to let her know. I may try to get her some edibles - and she has my tincture, but it's more of an analgesic rather than a pain-killer.
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    this news is back breaking
  6. Sorry about that man.

    Edibles sound like a great idea, and if she takes the oxy lightly there's a low chance she'll become addicted, she should only take them when the pain is the worst.

    Good luck soldier, I'm hoping things take a turn for the better.
  7. Well, I dunno about back-breaking news - I think she'll be OK in the long run - though I don't think she's ever going to pitch for the Yankees...

    Then again it was her left shoulder and she's right-handed so that's something.

    She said the pain is a bit more bearable today, since it's been 4 days, but never having broken anything before she really had no frame of reference as to how uncomfortable she really was.

    I broke both of my wrists (navicular fractures) at the same time about, oh...15 years ago or so...and I really had no clue about how bad the pain would get - in fact after the bike accident, I actually got right back on and rode home, at night, up a hill (OK I walked it up the hill for the most part). The next day I knew they were broken.

    Honestly I hope that the surgery is in-patient because she needs to have nurses care for her for a little while. My Step-Father is doing his best, but he works too and he's gone most of the day. Fortunately my schedule is rather open, so I can take her to and from appointments. Also we live 5 minutes away from each other, so yeay for closeness!
  8. And of course, thanks once again for the positive vibes.
  9. Sorry to hear this 'Will, hope she gets better. I think edibles are a great idea, since the coughing I'm sure causes terrible pain on her shoulder.

    What are they doing in surgery, pinning the bone back together?
  10. I dunno what the surgery will entail - my Mom is a bit private when it comes to things like that. She's of the belief that I don't need to know every detail about her personal life, and she's absolutely right.

    But I do know now that she's broken it in 3 places! She' may have to get a second opinion because of the worker's comp issue, which is OK I guess. The first orthopedic surgeon though has worked for the New England Patriots, so you know if he can fix them, I think he can fix my Mom!

    She seems to be doing better this afternoon. I just talked to her and she's joking around again so that's a plus. She answered the phone "Pain Central".
  11. How did she actually break it?

    She drove herself to the ER? Tough lady. :smoke:

  12. i'm at a loss for words at how nobody has picked up on this pun.
  13. ^he did already.

    Anyways, sorry man. I love my mother to DEATH, and I can totally see going into emergency mode and rushing over there ahaha.

    Good vibrations coming your way via intercranial forces, brother.
  14. workmans comp?:hello::hello:
  15. Thats rough man...hope your mom sees this through without a hitch.
    There isn't much you can do for pain beside those painkillers...but the fact she is aware that she could get hooked is a big step.

  16. She tripped and fell first hitting the wall to her right side and then bouncing off that and hitting the ground - on her shoulder.

    She had the ambulance take her to the hospital...she can't drive for awhile.

    Arigato Goziamasu.

    Yeah, she was at work at the time - walking with a co-worker, so I guess so. Pain in the rear end, but supposedly they're taking care of everything. I had a workers comp case once, it was a pain, but they did take care of it.

    Well, her shoulder will never be the same, that's for sure. It'll always be weak on that side, but yeah I hope she won't lose too much functionality.

    She's in fairly good health, though overweight and has some skin issues. But this shouldn't be much more than a really bad experience for a month or two. Hopefully she'll be able to get back in stride after all is said and done. I know she'll worry about her job though, she worries anyway. Of course they can't fire her, and they love her anyway, but she'll worry nontheless.
  17. Ouch.. That's brutal.

    Well tell her Brahski sends his regards. :smoke:
  18. Will, sorry to hear about your mom's injury, and that she has to have surgery. I wish her a speedy recovery. Sending tons of healing vibes her way :cool:
  19. sorry to hear about your mom wildwill, hope she gets better soon
  20. Aww positive vibes to your mom!


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