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My mom wants to try a Fire Cracker but..

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Husky42, May 11, 2011.

  1. First, yes I said my mom. I'm 28 but rent a room in a barn from my parent.

    Anyways, I have to use the oven at the main house when I bake, she asked me what the fire crackers were all about and she wants to try one. She ones took a very small hit of herb several years ago before she was an Or Nurse. Does not like the taste or harsh aspect of the smoke since she is a non smoker.

    When I described the fire crackers she was interested and then just today said she wants one.

    But I am hesitant in giving her one first. I know the potency, two.. i do not want to jeapordize her job. She has a job where she makes a huge amount of money and is doing well for once in her life. But man problems I fear is why she wants to try one. She says she wants to see it is for her sciatica but I do not quite believe her.

    So I'm kinda stuck here, I would love for my parent to enjoy Marijuana - But she's a Nurse and if one mistake happens at work she can be tested. This concerns me greatly as even if she eats just one I'm sure there is a lot of THC that will be active in her for awhile right?

    I make some pretty strong fire crackers.
  2. Give her a quarter of one and babysit her... she'll be fine. Nurses don't get drug tested for a mistake made on the floor, and she isn't going to work high and making mistakes... she's a big girl, give her some!
  3. What the guy above me said. Give her some. Shes a grown women she can make her own decisions.

    Edit: Not trying to sound like a dick.
  4. Just outline your concerns to her, she will probably appreciate it. As the others above me said, she's a big girl. Once you have explained the pros and cons, she can most likely handle herself appropriately.
  5. That's fucking awesome, I want your mom to be my mom too.
  6. sounds like a cool parent id give her half normal then just watch and wait.
  7. First off, your mom seems cool man. Second, your mom has always been there for you, so return the favor! Give her a nice .5 firecracker and chill with her for a few hours. :p gl man
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  9. I made a mild batch with about 4g of vape poo and 3g of dank - made 4 firecrackers I think if i gave her one she would be "ok" but then again, one good one can make me fly and I've smoked for 16 years. She maybe has a gin and tonic once a week or so. No drugs, no smoking etc.
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    Let us know how she does!
  11. wait wait... so this thread is about not trusting your parent to try weed... she gave birth to you and raised you and you're doubting her ability to make decisions about what she wants to consume... hmm...

    you should work for the dea so you can "protect" all the other people with high paying jobs from weed too
  12. Sweetie, let Mom make her own decisions! She has worked long enough at her job to know if she is likely to be tested!

    Now, for a special treat for Mom, click that first link in my sig, sit her down and tell her to "just read the titles"! :D She will have a new appreciation for cannabis by the time she makes it through the "C"s! :eek:

    Be sure she sees the "METHODS OF USE" sections on vaporizers, edibles and tinctures, since smoking is not her thing. "NEUROPATHIC PAIN" will also be of special interest to her!

    Hope that helps!

    Granny :wave:

  13. K go back to the apprentice forum please.

    Seriously you should read what is being posted before you make any type of ASSumption.

    The issue I have is she is just expressing general interest and my primary concern sits within potency and reaction.

    She's seen me smoke for 16 years, never said a negative thing about it. She was always happy it was not coke or heroin or something like that, I do not even drink so yea. I also was more or less taken back by her sudden interest. The one time she smoked a year ago was more like she walked in on me and i was like its seriously tasty and she took the pipe and took a hit, was pretty funny.

    I feel that I'm actually presenting the case as a responsible user. I know just how potent edibles are. For somebody who does not use at all, I merely had concern.. and well interest haha.
  14. If your mom has been an RN for any length of time she most certainly has back issues (lifiting and turning heavy patients is murder), and could use the pain relief.

    If you want her to be able to titrate her oral dose better, make her some cannacaps or tincture.:) And do show her Granny Storm Crow's list.:)
  15. Give her one of your milder versions the night before her day off, that way she has a full 24 hours of "no responsibilities" to deal with the aftermath. :rolleyes:
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    Well she has no work tomorrow, came over and i gave her a 1/2, she then said fuck it she had a bad day and ate the other half.. I was like um..She's gonna be flying tonight..

    Quick edit: Went up to the house to bring her the movies i burned for her. She was making a Chicken Quesadilla had a big think of juice and bluntly stated that.. She hates me.. lol

    No pain though, shes just chilling - I told her it was too much though.
  17. Steve Jobs tokes up man, what do you have to say about that? :smoke:

    Maybe wait a month or so and see if she is still interested. If that is the case then make her a firecracker with maybe .4 or .3 and give that to her.
    Maybe the time in between she will change her mind.

    Either way good luck man :smoke:
  18. HAHA. I love this and wish my mom would ask me for a firecracker. Please update and let us know how this turns out in the end. Also tell us exactly what she thinks of it. I bet she'll love it.
  19. This was a rather sad thread until I read "I make some pretty strong fire crackers".
    I lol'd :hello:
  20. I told her one was too much, she's i bed napping, well trying to but she's "upset" feels like she wants to throw up... god i barely get numb off one..

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