my mom wants me to go with her to see a psychic.

Discussion in 'General' started by jesskay92, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. i kinda dont really believe in it, but then again i do wanna go just to see whats "in my future" :p

    i guess the point of this thread is do you believe the power of psychics?? or have you ever been to one?
  2. If there was such thing with a high rate of being correct. It would be widely used and popularized by a larger mass
  3. Come to my house, I'll lie to you for half the price.
  4. i believe in it although most are just fakes.
  5. your gonna have a big loss someday. then you will gain something very valuable to you. now where is my money?
  6. I believe in Dave Chappelle!!!

    [ame=]‪Dave Chappelle Psychic Sketch‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]
  7. Absolutely.

    No kidding.

    Gypsy cards. Palm reading. Foot reading. Face reading.

    Reading future with bamboo sticks.

    Reading future with birthdays.

    Reading future by looking at the names.

    Reading future by lookng at what number he picks.

    There are so many ways to read the future.
  8. Sometimes when I'm really stuck and don't know what to do, I go to the temple and pray for some kind of sign.

    A sign to show me which way to go.

    And after the prayer, I pick up a wooden can, that is full of bamboo sticks.

    At the end of the stick, a number is written. 1-36.

    I kneel in front of the golden Budda statue and shake the can... until eventually one of the bamboo stick falls out of the can and drops on the floor.

    Then I put down the can, pick up the fallen stick, and see the number on the stick.

    Then I put the stick back in the can, bow, and go to the nearby cabinet which has little boxes that are numbered from 1-36, and inside the box, there's a small piece of paper.

    And on this piece of paper, there is a story.

    A story about your future.
  9. DO THIS:

    [ame=]‪Bruno Blowing Invisible Man‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]
  10. eh im very sketcvhy bout that stuff i dont think they can do it
  11. Do I believe in psychic phenomenon? Yes, for example with palmistry, my Teacher has told me very specific things about myself, such as that my heart and kidneys are in bad health which isn't just "vague generalization". You can also tell if someone was born during the day or the night by which hand the lines are more defined on, right is day, left is night, at least in most instances. It is a very exact science but also requires a degree of clairvoyance to get really detailed information.

    Do I believe people who make money as psychics are legit? Hell no.
  12. Nobody can read your future, only YOU can.

    And if you can't read your own future, you can always use a translator.

  13. "You are going to get a sinus infection, take this and that to avoid it"

    *doesn't take this OR that*

    Sinus infection 2 weeks later.

    Again, its doable lol. I've seen it with myself and others, not vague generalizations but very exact things.

    Like I said though, the people trying to make a dollar from it aren't legit.
  14. There are lots of interpreters who do it for free.

    But that's breaking the golden rule that should never be broken.

    "Never read another person's future for free."
  15. All BS.
    Everybody has a story about the time they thought about some weird thing and then it happened. Billions of people with trillions of thoughts in trillions of situations. Eventually some of them will line up. Coincidence, not psychic activity.
    Tell your mom's psychic about the James Randi Million Dollar challenge. Cash in.
  16. Ask her to show you the next minute or 2 of your future and once she tells you, yell that she's a liar and backhand her. If she predicts it though then you got a winner;)

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