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my mom thinks im addicted to weed.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DankSmoker2181, May 11, 2011.

  1. she's alright with me smoking on the weekends. but gets pissed when i smoke in the week. i have been smoking evreyday for 4 months once daily. and i only do it after im done with the day. she caught me twice in the row smoking in the week. this week. and say im adiccted to weed. am i addicted?
  2. sounds like your addcited to being a dumbass, keep that shit low key dawg
  3. I had the exact same problem with my mom a couple years ago. I told her I would quit cold turkey for a month and she said ok.

    31 days later I passed a drug test with flying colors. She hasn't given me any trouble about blazing ever sense :hello:

    Try that out, might work wonders.

    Good vibes, and Jah bless dude
  4. Of course not.
  5. No. you cant physically become addicted . Gimme your moms number so I can have a talk with her . (;
  6. First of all, don't smoke until you know you wont get caught. Second, explain to your mom the "facts" about marijuana...most parents/older generations have the ignorant negative attitude towards marijuana.
  7. I'm addicted to weed, don't walk down my path son, put the dope away.
  8. Gave me a chuckle :p. OP, just stop toking up where you can be seen/smelt.

  9. Set her straight!

  10. Well, since everyone else isn't very serious....I guess I wont be...

    Tell your mom to get back into the kitchen and make you a sammich.:)
  11. Only you will know if you're addicted to be honest. Can you go without weed? Does it really matter? Do you think about weed all day? To me those are signs of if you should cut down or not.

    I smoke usually daily in the evenings to relax, and sometimes once in the day if I haven't got much going on. Just don't let it prioritize and it should be all good :smoke:
  12. My mom gets mad at me if I don't smoke once daily
  13. Holy fuck...Quit getting caught. I've been smoking for three years straight living with rents, and none of them even know I smoke weed. Can't be that Goddamn difficult.
  14. That's weird that she's so anti-drug, cuz she loves my pipe in her mouth.
  15. Sandysemen!!!
  16. you cant be addicted to weed
  17. You cannot physically become addicted to marijuana, but you CAN mentally, which may or may not be in your case. Ultimately, the only person who will know for sure is you.

  18. No. :bongin:
  19. this.
  20. Lol I feel you. My mom's the same way but I have to quit regardless for my job.

    Tip: Keep it low key man. Unless you can convince your mom or whatever. If your 18 tell her to get the fuck out and you'll do what you want.

    If your younger, just tell her your grown and will do what you want anyways.

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