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my mom-mom is positive that I smoke now

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 420Juggalo610, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. I made a post a few months back freakin out that my lips were turning dark because of smoking weed and its unfortunate that I have this type of thing. In one of her harmless rants I remember her saying "when u go out and buy ur little herbs u should of picked up blah blah blah..." and yesterday she pointed out that my bottom lip is turning light which is because i'm on a t-break. Then she said "u should be ashamed of urself" i'm sort of scared to completely admit to smoking weed because I don't know how she would react, but at the same time i'm sort of glad she kind of knows. I don't think she would complain because I respect her, I don't get into any kind of trouble, and i'm excelling greatly in college. But I don't think she knows that I smoke in the house. Should I straight out tell her that I smoke?
  2. Dude, she already knows. I think it might make her trust you more if you DID tell her, because it would be out of your mouth. But don't smoke inside please. Go out back or something. I don't think she would want her house to smell (even if you use sploofs, blow out window, etc. she will freak out about her house starting to smell).
  3. Mom-mom?
  4. another name for grandmom

  5. Ahh. I see. If I were you I really wouldn't go straight out and tell her. Just don't deny it. I mean if she knows and she's not doing anything about, then whatever.
  6. Yeah at first I denied it but now I don't say anything back
  7. Next time she brings it up, you could just ask her if it bothers her or would bother her if you smoked. Parents aren't stupid, I find that they usually know what their kids do and don't do, and just sometimes choose to ignore it. If the secret is stressing you out, then you should just be honest.

    Plus, it's not like weed is some new invention that wasn't around back in her day.
  8. why the fuck are your lips turning dark from smoking bud dude i smoke everyday and my lips are normal
  9. There are so many parts of this that I don't understand
  10. My lips are a bit darker too. Not sure why it happens. I figured because of blunts or something but i dunno really.
  11. no one i know would notice lips turning a different color. unless it was like pink to bright red. but even if they did do that id say i ate something spicy
  12. dude, she already knows you smoke. I'm 100% sure of that XD. whenever my mom caught me smoking she didn"t got mad she just said: 'do you really need this drug?' she doesn't like me smoking but she knows I'm an adult so she let me go my own way of life. and I respect her enough to hide it from her, cuz she doesn't like me seeing using it i guess.

    but maybe a little talk with your G-mom won't be bad. I also talk about weed with my parents once in a while, it releases the tension.
  13. Lol @ "my mom-mom.... How many moms do you have?

    anyways i don't think you have to tell her if she already knows... then she might think your retarded or something lol
  14. i feel like if you tell your grandma that you smoke all she will do is laugh and you'll end up having a really awkward conversation with her, considering i am and you are pretty sure that she already knows.

    if your worried about getting caught, i suggest you stop smoking in her house. especially because you know she is against it.
  15. It's crazy actually I call my Gramma Mom - Mom also, and she recently found that I smoke. But odds are that she knows someone that smokes and shit, so I'd just tell her. I did and it gets better, maybe if she knew that it wasn't as bad as it seems then she would let you etc.

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