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My mom may be a goddess. Should I get my hopes up?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by kneelforneal, Mar 31, 2010.

  1. I told my mom that I was looking for some bud. $40 worth, but a lot.

    "Wayne just called and said he could get you a decent amount for $25"
    "Ask him how much and the quality. dank or mid"
    "size of quarter. atleast mid. DELETE NOW" (I'm at my dads and he has no idea about either of us, and shes afraid of him looking at my phone)
    "size of a quarter? like an actual quarter or a quarter oz?"
    "2nd. batry dying. bye"

    Wayne is our painter, who is a long-time smoker.

    She said atleast mid, so is it possible I could be getting some pretty good shit? Since hes old, I'm sure he has great connections, he's about 50.

    Oh, we live in Northeast Georgia.

    I'm guessing I shouldnt get my hopes up, but is there a chance? p:
    and if not, is $25 for a 1/4 of mids good?
  2. its prolly some mids, but hey i have no bud at the moment, so i would take that haha
  3. How does this mean your mothers a Goddess?
  4. 50 isn't old.

    Just never buy anything until you see it in your hands with your own eyes.

    That's not a bad deal but don't get your hopes up
  5. Yea man I usually pay around $30-35 for a 1/4 of mids, sounds good to me!
  6. Damn. Some Percy Jackson shit right hur.
  7. I'd definitely do that if it's mids. I get a 1/8 of mids for $20 from my dealer and he usually charges $25 to others but he always hooks me up a little bit. So yea if I could get a quarter for $25 I'd jump on that in a heartbeat.
  8. Totally agree with you OP.
  9. If you get that deal you're pretty dang lucky. I usually get quarters of mids for $40, $30-$35 if my friend is in a good mood. I have a dealer that gets half ounces for $45, so you're getting almost a good of deal as he does.

  10. But also know its his mom, and a close friend

    And for 25 a quarter who cares lmao :smoking:
  11. even if it was schwagg id pay $25 for a quarter and make edibles. me, i get quarters for $20-$25 depending on who my guy goes to, sometimes its dank, sometimes its mids, but ive NOT EVER once got schwagg.
  12. This is your dad, I just read your thread and I'm gonna beat your ass when you get home! :mad:
  13. Lets look at dads 532 posts Lol ;) :smoking:

  14. And the fact that hes sitting right in front of me. ;)
  15. You break my heart son...

  16. I'm just saying if it's not his only option he should look it over first
  17. probs going to be some lower mids that someone is trying to unload, good deal still though
  18. watch your dad be the biggest stoner
  19. the thing with old timers is that a lot of times theyve been smoking for so long that they dont care about the potency anymore.

    so its either gonna dank from years of experience or its gonna be middies cause he doesnt care anymore.

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