My mom just left.

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  1. She's picking up weed, and I'm fairly excited. I've been stressed today cause my mom went to get my iTouch USB cord. Well, my iTouch was plugged in and she bring it into me. When I looked down at it, I realised I didn't exit Safari and had a search for gay friendly accommodations in the UK open. So, I can only hope I haven't outted myself and she hasn't discovered my secret desire to relocate to the UK. I have the lock screen disabled, so it's not impossible. She didn't say anything though. Not sure if she would either. This has got to be closest I've ever come to my family finding out and I'd rather not tell them for a long while.
  2. cool story bro
  3. Yaaaay.......?
  4. It seems like this is the announce your gay, or comeing out forum now...

    nothing wrong with it, just getting old
  5. Your parents pick up weed for you and you wanna secretly move to the UK? And of all places, the UK? :confused:
  6. If my mom picked up weed I would be in no hurry to leave the US..
  7. joe is is wrong with your family! :D
  8. I mean money and weed isn't everything.

    Maybe a relationship means something to him more than anything else?

    Not saying he can't get that in the U.S., but if that's what will give him happiness..:cool:
  9. I came in this thread expecting to read about someone's mom packing her bags and leaving. Instead it was of a gay guy coming out of the closet to a forum but keeping it a secret from his family.
  10. See below for further instruction.

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  11. hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. i need to make a stinky in the potty
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    "whenever you call baby,i roll up"

    dunno why this song popped into my head.
    as for being gay, why would you google search 'gay friendly accomendations in the UK'?
    im just puzzled to the fact as to why you would google that..
  14. WTF is wrong with gay people? Your mom PICKS UP weed for you, she actually goes out to buy your weed for you, why the fuck are you moving? If she buys your weed, she will handle your sexual orientation.

    Tell her already.
  15. No one gives fuck if your gay or not anymore. Sure there may be some assholes out there that will say shit, but why would you care what an idiot thinks.

    Just come out already, you will be so glad you did.
  16. wowo you guys are assholes. lmfao granted, most of the shit you guys said was funny, you shouldnt do that to a person.
  17. Why don't you just tell her you're gay. You'll probably hear 'I knew that already' because that's the answer 8 out of 10 times, unless someone is really phobic or religious or whatever. It's not the end of the world. As a mother of two I can tell you that moms always pick up on their kids having secrets even if they don't know what the secret is... and to hear 'I'm gay' is probably a relief as opposed to other things it might be.
  18. so you're gay, and your mom just found out. and she's going to pick up weed for you, and you're worried the most about her reaction to you move to the UK

    for some reason, i just.. no. hell no!
    i refuse to believe this is real.

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