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My mom is so nice!

Discussion in 'General' started by Gamefreak701, Feb 21, 2006.

  1. ok im a tiny bit stonned right now. please bare with me.

    basically, my mom and dad go away on a trip far far far away. they were gone for 2 weeks. So I had a little bit of get togethers and such at my house.

    My mom comes back from her trip and got me a present. I open it and it was a friggin pipe with a nude chick on it. lmao. I was kinf of shocked but not really. My sister always tells my mom how I smoke it and such. We just around with it and its all good. My mom also knew my sister bought me a pipe for christmas and was ok with it.

    So I confront my mom yesterday and talk with her about weed. She isn't really OK with it, but doesn't mind. as long as I dont smoke it in house or that she sees it. She thinks it's like alcohol. Be responcible (and I am).

    So now I have a thing to do tomorrow and need to get up at 6 AM. I am sitting here typing this while blzaed at 2:30am.

    I was upstairs making some mini pizzas, just howling down pices of pineapple while jamming cookies in my throught and then my mom comes around corner and ask what im doiing up so late, I looked at her ands started laughing. it was great..

    anyways..I wanted to share that story! Anyone else have any?
  2. Come on I know some of you have had something like this happen!
  3. last summer i had grown one plant and when i harvested it i hung it upside down in the closet in my room to dry. it made my whole room fucking reak of weed big time and my mom was all like damn, take that shit outside or something.
  4. lmao, nice nice.

    I can just picture it now, on some crazy tv commercial for Febreze. lmao
  5. I wish my mom was that nice.
  6. Sometimes I wish I was an orphan...
  7. ^ if you were an orphan, you probably wouldn't have the resources to have access to a computer. than you would have never found grasscity and ipack
  8. Nice present, your mom is pretty cool.
  9. I was just kidding about the orphan thing. I didn't mean to offend anyone. I just don't get along with the parental units and I wish they'd just let me live my life instead of trying to control it.

  10. how did they feel about ipack coming over?
    just curious.

    also, are they cool w/you smoking?
  11. lmfao! They don't know about ipack. Funny story: I was talking to my dad and he started questioning me about my phone bill, seeing conversations for 300+minutes to a number from AL. He got all upset and said "You're not talking to anyone from the INTERNET, are you??! Everyone out there are freaks!" And my mom feels the same way he does. They're the most close-minded people you could ever imagine. They're going to shit themselves when they find out I dropped out of school to move down there, hehehe. :devious:

    And I'm 99% sure they know I smoke. They've never said anything to me, but, just, yeah. My mom drops hints all the time. She found the bottle I made a waterfall out of. Probably saw shake and stems in my car. I've gone home high before and couldn't really hide it. And I doubt they're cool with it, but my grades have always been good and I've never been in trouble, so they don't have much room to bitch.
  12. so where did ipack stay when he came over?
  13. nope no stories involving parents really, thankfully :)

    my parents arent really cool with the whole situation and most likely they will never know of my little escapes from reality
  14. At my college. :D
  15. i had a story kinda like that but it didnt include my parents, but my teacher instead haha. i was sitting all low in my desk just staring at the persons back infront of me. i realized i was staring at her back and stoned outa my ass so i almost started cracking up right there...and we were reading outloud so everyone was quite. i could barely hold back my laughter. all of a sudden my teacher called on my to read and i start balling out laughing my ass off. everyone is looking at me, and 3 people knew i was stoney. i looked at them and they just shook their head with a grin haha. i coudlnt stop laughing so i had to go out into the hall and come back in when i was done. the only problem with that is that as soon as i walked in the door i saw everyone look at me and i starting laughing my ass off again and walked back out. i thought my laughing was over so i opened the door to the class, and opened it maybe a foot, and then i had to close it and laugh more. haha. do u think they knew? hahahaha
  16. ^ ^ hahaha, I like that story man. :D

    One time I came home blazed and raided the fridge. I was eating something and a crumb dropped on the floor. My mom was sitting at the kitchen table and saw it fall to the floor, so she looked up at me to make sure I was gonna pick it up. Well, I picked it up. But only after stooping down and staring at it for about 15 seconds, then laughing and standing up again... Then quick dropping back down to pick it up and throw it away - at that point realizing I was high and needed to act straight. I walked away laughing with my mom just kind giving me a weird look.
  17. that happens to me when I'm not high.:rolleyes:
  18. haha similar story to the one at the beginning of the thread, my mom is the exact same haha "no smokin in the house, not around me, and do it responsibly" then she goes out and buys me a nice hookah haha my mom is awesome, im thinkin of getting a tatoo with a heart and mom in the middle lmao
  19. I was over at my friend's house a few months ago and his mom lets him smoke whenever. So I took out a dime and we shared it. We were already blazed when he went to his mom and started begging her for 10 bucks to buy a dime. She said yes and let us go out and buy it. (this is around 1 in the morning) So we walked 2 miles on the highway while destroying mailbox after mailbox. When we got back to his house. He told his mom that there might be a party with shrooms and weed and asked her if we could go, she said yes. Sadly their was no party
  20. It would take my mom being drugged with a mild beaver tranquilizer to get me a pipe ;)

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