My Mom is going to Jamaica...

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  1. my mom is going to jamaica next week for a vacation. (my stepbrother who i never see is taking here for a way of getting her back for watching their kid all the time) why jamaica? me and my mom still don't know why.

    but mom knows i been around the herb for a few years now...she doesn't know HOW MUCH i been around the herb, but she definitely respects my decisions cuz i'm not that big of a fuck up lol.

    and she's gonna get me something from jamaica related to Bob Marley. she knows i don't want a damn t-shirt or something stupid. has anybody been to jamaica that has gotten a sweet ass souvenir? i wanna give my mom some tips of what i would want for a sweet Bob Marley souvenir but i have no idea what. anybody been in my boat before? i just want a sweet souvenir from a place where a person i admire so much is from...and i don't know if i will ever get a chance to go to jamaica myself...
    any advice much appreciated!
  2. yeah my buddy got this sick ashtray statue thing of a rasta guy smoking a doobie. see if she can find one of those
  3. get her to get you a ashtray for sure.
  4. YES! that's the advice i'm talkin about guys!!!
  5. hahaha no stupid t shirt eh. i get it . i always get bougth t shirts from vacation places and i never wear em, fucking hate when ppl buy me clothes, i most likely will never fucking wear em buy me something useful , but i guess its the thought that counts. i hear weeds pretty cheap over there. get her to buy a pound and mail it with a fake name to one of your neighbor houses than get the mail before he does lol it could work a bit risky but it could work lol
  6. hahaha if only it were that easy grass man....if it were ME going to jamaica, i would bring back some sweet pipes or an ash tray like you guys said. i just don't think my mother will get me a smoking device lol. if and when she gets offered weed in jamaica her response will be "ohhhhh i don't knowwww...if my son was here i'd have him talk to you but for now i'm gonna have to pass...sorry." hahaha
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    sureee... 20 dollars just happens to fall out her pocket and some dank happens fall out his..

    just to let you know. weed is illegal in Jamaica..
  8. yes and i'm pretty sure he was being sarcastic about mailing weed.

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