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My mom is a scavenger smoker.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TheWriter, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. Remember on half baked, snoops character? That is totally my mom. She hardly has any but is always trying to smoke. She just hit my bong that I hit one time and fucking cashed it lol. Oh well....hahaha (To be fair she does give me a few dollars periodically, I just think its funny.) :smoke:
  2. Mortal kombat!
  3. Haha my mom and I always share our weed with each other. Her weed is pretty much mine, and my weed is pretty much hers :bongin:
  4. I guess that's how it is with us but she never has any so it is kinda one sided hahaha
  5. If it wasn't for moms none of us would be here, so I say smoke her up and be happy about it...:smoke::smoke:
  6. #6 TrippinOn420, Aug 6, 2011
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    Bro u should be happy, you got someone to smoke with all the time. Plus she gave birth to u, that shit has gotta hurt

  7. Hell yea. I wish my mom would smoke with me.
  8. i heard that!
  9. My mom has chronic Migranes. I wish she knew weed would help.
  10. i thought you read it...?:D
  11. I'd smoke my mom up every single day if she would toke with me haha
  12. Hahaha I hate moochers, but I'd be cool with packing a few bong hits for one of my parents. I couldn't see my dad hitting my bong instead of a doobie though, and my mom hates weed. Oh well.
  13. Damn yer 18 and yer mommy still gives u $$???

    Kids these days...

  14. I'm actually 22 and I don't ask her for money. She gives it to me for smoking with her so much, every once in a while. I was merely posting this because I thought her and snoop doggs character where alike in the fact that she cashed my bowl completely and never has any. I'm not bitching about shit....

  15. Last time I checked most 18 year olds are still in high school.. since when is it bad to have support? What did your parents kick you out the day you turned 18 or something?!?
  16. When "friends" mooch it's one thing but family is a different story. Especially with your mom, it's the least you can do to smoke her up after so many years of infancy and childhood where you needed to be taken care of. You should be thankful that your parents have a relaxed attitude about your own usage. It's a privilege, especially in a place like NC.

    My parents got very worried when I first came clean with them about marijuana even though I was already an adult, had a prescription and wasn't even smoking. They relaxed after a while but it's still become a divide in an otherwise very positive relationship. I may yet win them around to my side of the issue but for now I can only wish my mom would sneak hits on one of my vapes instead of fretting about them.
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  17. Yeah. My parents kicked me out when I was 15. I was forced to live on the streets actually..

    Thanks for reminding me...


    Im joking. I had a job and lived on my own at the age of 18 though...
  18. my dad always makes me give him nugs has been for a while too. lol

    but then he will pay me back with a hundred dollar bill to buy some more shit when he sees im running low or just buy some off me and pay me extra

    but he will also give me free drinks when ever really, as long as im drinking with him lol

    i see it as, as long as im living in his house he can have some of my bud... lol

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