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my mom is a bitch!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by crestonchic08, Mar 9, 2004.

  1. how can i get my mom off my back about smoking
    i tell her its not as bad as coke like i used to do, but she is still trippy!
  2. Ummmmmm I dont know you arent very specific, but Im pretty positive telling her its not as bad as coke isnt gonna work
  3. well yea it didnt
    she is a really strong christian and its likethat is all she cares about
    it gets on my nerves.
    help me
    its not like i want to do it in front of her i
    just dont want her searching my room and calling the
    police again if she finds anything
  4. tell her Jesus smoked weed. if she believes in the bible, she's sure to believe that little tidbit.

    then tell her to fuck off, you're over 18.
  5. Jesus didn't smoke weed...

    ...the whole context of the theory that he did is that the Annointment ceremony that he went through quite possibly involved boiling the tops of cannabis plants into an oil mixture...afterwards, they poured the oil on him and he literally saw god and talked to him...

    Also, it is believed that his healings involved the use of cannabis to help people.

    There are thousands of pages on this everywhere on the net if you're looking for that perspective of Jesus' life.

    I already posted something long in another thread about other things you can say...but I'll copy paste it here anyhow.
  6. buddy he was just trying to give you a sugestion :) go off on the poor guy y dont ya
  7. Jesus did smoke pot, he still does, he has the best and most weed ever!!!!! and the largest coolest bong in the universe, no one fucks with Jesus
  8. why am I mr. Sparkle? lmao

    of course he smoked weed. who else could come up with walking on water and turning water into wine...
  9. weed is a herb and the bible says "to use and nurture ALL of gods creations" or somthing to that effect so thats excatly wat ur doing is it not?
  10. the ocean is gods bong water

  11. and the weed is god's herb, so i say SMOKE IT UP

    WWJD (what would jesus do)--- for a bong hit?

  12. this is what i was going to suggest. When i went to private school my religion teacher told us the same thing, and shes been a nun since she could be. She told us her whole life she never masturbated or had sex or done anything morally wrong.

  13. since when is sex morally wrong? since Janet Jackson bared her boob?
  14. sex is morally wrong. we must get rid of the human race!
  15. Tell her that ever since she's been a bitch, you've been a dog. She'll understand.

  16. i think he was just extremly cheap, and didnt want to waste money on alcohol, so he made wine.... and walkin on water... well that sounds more like acid to me....

  17. lol
  18. yeah my moms bein a real bitch too. im 18 and shes always in my face. shes known iv smoked weed since 15 and ciggerretts att 16 and now shes in my face. but shes at niagra falls for the next few days with my dad. so i smoked all tonight. and tommarow im getting a dub of some real good dank gonna smoke a nuggett blunt.
  19. yeah but i gotta agree with whoever, telling her "its not as bad as coke" probably wont help the situation.
    Like, if you rape someone, testifying in court "atleast i didnt kill them" probably wont help your case

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