my mom has schizophrenia, should i smoke?

Discussion in 'General' started by robo_chicken, Nov 30, 2006.

  1. hey i was just wondering if i should smoke, i have once and loved it but im wonderin what will happen.
  2. I assume you are asking if it is ok to smoke because the reccesive gene for schizophrenia is in your genes. if that is what your asking than my answer would be yes, it should be fine. There is no proof that marijuana leads to schizophrenia, however if you are crazy worried about it then dont do it. The link between marijuana and people developing schizophrenia has not been proven, and even the ones they are trying to prove are linked between chronic smokers (smoking everyday for years) where as you are not a chronic smoker at all. you'll be fine. toke up and enjoy :D
  3. I thought they proved marijuana increases your chance of developing schiz if you already have it in your genes.

    I thought I read somewhere that pot amplifies it and brings it out sooner. lemme check...

    EDIT: Maybe I was stoned, but I swear I remember reading somewhere that if you already have schitz, then pot has a chance at amplifying the symptoms or increases the onset. Something like that. If I'm wrong and someone finds proof otherwise, disregard this post completly.

    Not sure about the genetics of schitz either, so if your mom has it, then you could be a carrier, but you might need to know ur dads genetics. Once again, guessing and talking out my ass...
  4. thanks a lot, yeah that was what i was asking. im not crazy worried but wanted to know. my mom's schizophrenic but she's not in the hospital or anything, i didnt even know until this year.
  5. ummm... Get checked for it:D If it runs in your family, it doesn't mean u have it necessarily.
  6. if that is the case i apologize, i could have sworn it wasnt proven without a doubt yet
  7. Marijuana is fine.

    But the hallucinogenics you have to watch out for.
  8. according to research i only have a 6% chance. i have no symptoms or signs caused by the disease.
  9. schizophrenia a biological sickness carried threw generations & shows its self between the ages of 16 & 26 is just a coincidence that most people try cannabis between these ages

    so that's why some scientist's, dont say things the way they are & cannabis is getting the blame ....the same thing with heroin users ...ask a heroin user he started using heroin
    99% say that cannabis led me to heroin ....because they just dont have the balls to say .."iam a friggin idiot" its alot easier putting the blame on weed

    just my 2 cents ....peace John
  10. also its the police & governments , that turn us into paranoid schizos !!!..but as usual weed is gets the blame opinion every human , is abit "nuts" in some kind of way

    peace John
  11. I'd smoke. In my opinion, smoking has nothing to do really with schizophrenia except paranoia when you're high. When you're sober you're fine. My dad smoked for four years then was hospitalized with schizophrenia. Same with his brother. I'm going to keep smoking until that happens with me, as I'm sure it would have happened if I didn't smoke. My dad's parents were schizophrenic too... Kind of sucks for me.

    I'm happier as a smoker, so I'll keep smoking.
  12. if your dad isnt 1 of the violent kinds you'll be fine, even if he is it can be treated. shit now that i think about it my aunt, other aunt, uncle, and mom have it. :smoking: dammit. oh well.
  13. I don't think smoking marijuana causes schizophrenia, but I do think it can trigger an episode if you are genetically predisposed to the illness.

    My mom was hospitalized several times over the years for what she called "nervous breakdowns". I was never affected by this until I turned 41. At that time I lost my job and my career and proceeded to drink and smoke heavily every day. I mean I would stay high all day long and then start drinking every evening. After about 6 months of this, I snapped. Totally delusional, I thought everything was a message to me. Songs on the radio, billboards, commercials on tv, etc. This went on for almost a year before my family intervened and I got medical help. This was in the form of zyprexa for the next year and I rarely smoked any weed during that time or even drank, (note I never completely quit either one) and I did recover. Nowadays, I only smoke or drink in moderation and have never had any more symptoms, but it is something that I am aware could happen to me and I never want a repeat. So I guess my mantra is moderation in all things. :)

    Btw, I told the doctors that I smoked marijuana and never once did any of them tell me to quit as it was exaberating the problem.
  14. if you have a history of schizophrenia in the family it's perhaps best to stick to the indicas and stay clear of the sativas. particularly the columbian and thai and any others that have a really high ratio of THC to CBD. the CBD is calming to schizophrenia, and indeed actually is quite beneficial to the condition, the thc, if taken without enough CBD to calm down the effects can be quite alarming, distressing, agrivating. There are many other factors to this too, so NEVER pay any attention to someone who tries to oversimplify cannabis, especially when it comes to serious mental health issues, they just dont know what they're talking about.
  15. If you gunna get schizophrenia why not take advatage of the time you don't and have as much fun as possible.

  16. wow that sounds like a GREAT idea...

    Digit made a really good point, you cant just simplify it as "its a plant how could it cause schizophrenia? It can, not will, but can lead to schizophrenia or bring it out early if you have a latent condition. In my opinion, it just isnt worth the risk, but you should probably talk to a doctor and read some studies to hear what the experts have to say.

    Its up to you bro. Just dont make an un-informed decision.

    Also how old are you? Cause if you're past you early - mid 20s i think your risk of developing schizophrenia sevearly decreases
  17. idk i wouldnt smoke because its not worth it if you might get schizophrenia... thats a pretty big risk that youd be taking. but its up to you
  18. Live fast and die young, eh?
  19. you're never alone when you're a schitzophrenic....:D

  20. This is true. :p

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