my mom found my bong

Discussion in 'General' started by addict, May 27, 2009.

  1. so my mom found my 2 foot glass waterbong that i call the 70's cuz hendrix is on it and that bong is my baby. well today she used my car to drive my sister and her friends to school and i forgot it all boxed up in the way back.

    so today i get up notice she took my car this morning and went right out to check for my bong and sure enough its gone

    so i go to my mom and i said hey have you seen the white box that was in the back of my car. and she said o yea it in the garage i didn't want any of your sisters friends getting it out and finding a bong in the back seat

    so i was happy my mom did not make me get rid of my bong i think she has finely accepted the fact that i smoke all the tme
  2. didn't see that coming

    thats sweet man. ask her to blaze a bowl now, tell her she can have greens
  3. lol do you think i should she used to smoke in college and when i asked her if she like my bong she said it was pritty sweet but i dont think she would toke with me
  4. ahhh cmon man. just be real casual about it. "hey mom, if you got nothing to do, wanna hit the bong?" that or roll a joint and ask her if she want's a couple puffs.
  5. Dude, just show her how to take a snapper and then offer her one.

  6. lol that would be so sweet i think im going to
  7. Do it casually and gradually though.
  8. I would ask her what she thinks about you smoking if you haven't already. Better to talk about it and clear the air completely.

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