My mom almost caught me!

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  1. So, it was about four thirty in the afternoon. My mom doesn't approve of marijuana at all, even though she used to smoke a crap ton. So, I had to wait until she was at her work out class at a dojo near where we lived. She usually left at five, and got back around six or seven. I usually smoke during this period. She left earlier than normal, so I thought that she was meeting her friends early for a drink or something. I didn't know that she had just headed to the store for about half an hour. So, my cousin and I decided to smoke from my bucket bong. We got the smoke billowing pretty well when my cousin whispered, "Dude!!! Your mom is home!!!" I then challenged this, and then I heard her carr door shut. We hid the bucket bong in my closet, with some pot still smoldering. I quickly grabbed a very small piece of incense, and lit it with a match. I waved tha match around the door quickly before she came into the room. As soon as she walked in, she was like, "What that's smell Joey?'
    I was like, "Umm...Matches!!!!" So, she said, "Nope, it smells like pot, and no one in this house smokes this pot anymore!" So, I calmly replied, "Actually, I just lit incense, too." She didn't buy this, "Well, it doesn't smell like that!" So I panicked and said, " Well, he just farted, and they have been smelling mediciney!" So, she sniffed again, and this time, she fucking bought it!!! "Well, sorry to accuse you, I smell the match now. Sorry."

    So, I got away with telling my mom the smell of thick pot smoke/smell was MATCH SMOKE, INCENSE, AND FARTS!!!!

    There's no way you can top that near miss story!!! Jk, there are probably some pretty messed up ones out there!!!
  2. Dude, she knows. Read that mediciney farts excuse when you're sober. No way somebody who used to smoke got fooled. Expect a drug test.
  3. lol..last weekmy family went on a vacation and i was smokin a bowl outside on the porch and right as i finished tapping it out, i blew out my smoke and put the piece in my pocket and as i walked to the door to go back inside my mom walks out..she just sniffed a few times and said what is that? i just kept walking and was like..nothing mom, you're drunk...she was just like.. ohh... was great.. *shes really anti-marijuana too* so i got to tell my mom that pot smell was

  4. Listen, but my mom almost never, ever, ever, ever admits she's wrong. She usually just claims that there are unseen forces at work that screwed her judgement up or whatever. But she said sorry, and was genuinely sorry. For the longest time, she always suspected me, but never knew, and now she leaves me completely alone. Lol

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