My mission is to escape reality.

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  1. Hey people. I am new here. Thought I start off with some random stuff I have written.
    The wise relaxed their minds, and meditated. They expanded their souls into reality. In that real world, they saw true peace of mind. The confused could not break those barriers. They never thought to do what the wise did. Decisions are made in subconscious. You have reached it, and now you have the power to shape your thinking. But how do we truly think? We are limited to our own brains. It is not perfect and we will never be able to fully comprehend everything.

  2. welcome, youre off to a great start 
  3. What does the thread title have to do with anything? You wanna escape reality then go take a handful of unmentionables.
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    I don't know. It just came up naturally. "A handful of unmentionables" though, good stuff.
  5. The penis of my soul stretches to penetrate the serenity of reality, enlightening the love explosion, pearl necklace glistening upon your chest.


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  6. I lol'd.

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