My Mini Sherlock!

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  1. this is easilly one of my favorite pieces... i'd thought i'd share him with you!

    his name is Earnest Hemingway (or just hemingway) (or just earnest) (been called Ern, because my friend sez its name is bigger then the piece lol!)

    its a small "one hitter" but really... its like 2 or 3... dont take it at facevalue! the bowl is metal and it comes out.. its like the thimble in monopoly

    this is an amazing piece!!! it fits in ur back pocket sooo good. and u even forget its there! it comes completly apart.. and it will stay packed!! you can put differnt mouthpieces on it... like one from a corncob pipe...

    its easy to clean. and its just so chill.... ive had offers up to to $30 bucks but i would NEver sell ern! he gets used alot! but i clean him pretty often... so its all good!

    its so small and perfect.... no carb but so what?? its great cuz the pipe will NEVER shit on you!

    By wakef0rce5 at 2009-02-11


    By wakef0rce5 at 2009-02-11

    me fucking blazed as helllll:

    By wakef0rce5 at 2009-02-11
  2. That thing is pretty badass, I didn't realize how small it was until I saw the pic of you smoking it.
  3. its pretty tight if i do say so myself... its a great personal piece.... alot better then a dugout IMO... because im not in town often
  4. they sell these at a local headshop for 2.95. ill have to pick one up.
  5. that is dope as fuck! Lol be careful lighting that thing though!
  6. :) I used to have one of them I think I might still. Got to do some digging around my room.
  7. thanks man! it comes apart fully too!!! also! like its sooo small and its better then a one hitter or something like that cuz its a piece...

    only problem is since i pack it so tight... ashing it is kind of a bitch
  8. +Rep for saying what we are all thinking :)
  9. It's so small, have you managed to burn yourself? Still sick nontheless.
  10. not at all man! ill do a vid sometime... its not even close to where u hold it... u dont even NEED to hold it with ur hands

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