My mini set up.

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  1. So when I'm out and about I want it to be easy to toke up and I don't have to carry a stinking pipe or breaking my preroles.

    This is what I am using 1503738258672.jpg

    Snop dog G pen slim.
    Mini headchef grinder.
    Lighter is just for reference.

    I like it when I'm thinking I do fancy a smoke right now I can just pull the pen out and turn it on, quick drag turn off and pit it back easy? No its not as easy at I first thought. Yes the pen is great and gets me prity baked but it also has some bad bits.


    From left to right you have the battery, weed oven/element, mouth pice. Then a small 4 part grinder that can hold enough for one good size bowl or about 6/7 refills for the Vaporizer.
    The small oven meens it needs to be refilled after each drag. What I do is have a 5 second drag and then open it up and put a little more in and mix it up.


    I don't mind because it dosnt take long and I don't like getting high to quickly as I like the build up stage. I picked this up the day before and it didn't look like much and it was just picked from a bigger bag and put in my hand (only been in Austria for 2 weeks so still trying to find a good dealer. 1503739422124.jpg 1503739427626.jpg

    Dosnt look like much but packed a punch and it's is giving me a nice buzz.
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  2. I just got my new tank in today. This thing is amazing!!

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  3. Looks smart. What does it take?
  4. What do you mean?

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  5. Mine can take ground up bud not oil
  6. I'd like to know more about the migvapor tank. I'm planning on getting one myself but don't want to feel like I wasted my money. What can you tell me about it ?

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  7. Very handy thanks for sharing Bro!
  8. How many hits does that thing last with a packed bowl of bud? I was interested in one of those for my mod I use to vape regular e juice.

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