My mini-rant for my birthday!

Discussion in 'General' started by RMJL, Jun 24, 2004.

  1. It's my birthday so I'm entitled to a rant.

    I worked 11 hours today and spent almost 2 at the gym. I'm an insane person. Work was great. :rolleyes: :rolleyes: People had to make their "Wow, you're old!" jokes and it was all funny and shit. Haha. Blahblah. It all goes back to my time issue. Time controls everyfuckingthing and while I've always been one to deal with birthdays well and would even actually look forward to them....I wasn't so much happy about it today. Time. Ugh.

    There's something missing somewhere along the line. It just didn't feel right today. Something's missing. Maybe it's lost; I dunno. Maybe I just need to get ripped and eat some birthday brownies. One of my buds made me some special birthday brownies and they are quite yummy and I'm Rummy so I'm gonna eat a brownie....I love him today! :D see, I have been in the process of getting high and it's taken me about 30 minutes to do this one post so my mini-rant has turned into basically nothing. LOL! I love being a stoner. Loveitloveitloveit. Wouldn't want to be anything else.

    Soooooo.....I can always go to the fuck off thread when I start remembering what I wanted to seriously rant about here.

    :D I hope you all are stoned and happy and I really think it would be a cool thing for you all to smoke a bowl with me for my birthday...let's all fire it up in 4 minutes....before my birthday is officially over.
  2. Well happy birthday! It's the lead singer of Testament, Chuck Billy's, birthday too. Mine is a week from today, and I can finally drink legally then!
  3. happy birthday rmjl... mine is on the 27th :D.....
  4. YAY!!!!!! You guys have birthdays coming up too!!!!

    Happy Birthday EARLY!!!!!! I'm going to smoke many bowls for you! :D
  6. Happy Birthday!! *passes joint* have a good one :D
  7. there's always a new day ahead. i like knowing that:)

    have a good birthday rmjl!
  8. Happy birthday RMJL, i would smoke a bowl for you, but i am dry right now, Next bowl i smoke will be for your birhday :)
  9. [​IMG]

    So l,ll be a gentleman not not ask how old you are ,lol.
  10. Happy B_Day Rummy.. Have a wonderfull time getting high and eatting brownies...

    Just rememeber it's not the age that counts, It's how you feel!!!
  11. Happy Birthday! Party hard.
  12. hey right on! happy birthday! Mines June 28th... us Cancers are the best! I'll smoke a big fat B-day J for you :D

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