My mind is BLOWN! I'm recording music on my IPAD!

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    There's a device called IRIG that plugs into an Ipad or Iphone's headphone jack. It has audio out and audio in (1/8" and 1/4" respectively).

    Once you get that and plug it in, you download Garageband (yes, for the Ipad/Iphone) for $4.99, and you're in.

    I have a home recording studio on my PC and I've always been a PC guy, but my boy gave me his Ipad because he upgraded to the Ipad 2. He came over and showed me this shit. He even had an extra Irig adapter for me.

    So, yeah, this is amazing. Oh, it even has a drum machine, as well as stomp boxes and effects galore with ZERO latency. I can actually plug my guitar in directly, add a Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier, and go to town without even .00001 of a second of latency. It works so good that I could use my Ipad live as my effects processor.

    You've all tried, I'm sure, to use amp modelers and effects in your DAW. As an effect, they work great, but to use them in real-time - I just want to bash my head against a wall. The latency makes it unplayable for me (that little delay). But not with this shit.

    I've got a lot of playing around to do tonight. Anyone else get down with this shit?!

  2. Fuck man, that's awesome. It's little things like this that makes me wish I never quit guitar. Just goes to show how useful an iPad is. Can you choose between a bunch of different effects and download other ones?
  3. thats dope man i think i saw that on a commercial for like a split second hahaha

    Hows the ipad in general? i wouldn mind getting one, but its not exactly at the top of my list at the moment...

  4. Yeah - there are many different effects. They come in virtual stomp boxes and amp modelers. I don't know about downloading more, but with Apple products, I wouldn't doubt it.

    The IPad is great - once you get though the proprietary bullshit and the hassle of I-tunes. iOS is great (too simple for me, but I am indeed am a PC dude) and it runs smooth. It's also sexy. That's one of the few things I dug about Steve Jobs - his love for aesthetics.

    But I kinda wish I had an Android tablet. Apple's proprietary bullshit is annoying and offensive. :( Anything extra must be paid for. Oh - and the charger - which is just an Ipod adaptor and a wall USB charger costed me USD $40! That shit cost like $2 to make!

    So, that's just my opinion. :)
  5. It's nice, proprietary bullshit, but nice.
    Like he said, .00001 latency, this is what you get with hardware specific programing.

    You might be able to get similar performance with rooted android devices but I can't be certain.

    I'd say hold off though for the iPad 3, suppose to be hitting sometime Feb 2012 with 2048x1536 I.G.Z.O. screen, quad core, 1GB RAM, maybe 2, and 128GB storage.

    It will be interesting to see what android devices will look like in order to rival this^
  6. my mom has one maybe i'll get that irig fr xmas if i'm lucky haha

  7. No fucking way.

    But damn. These things are getting obsolete quick!
  8. yeah I saw this on one of their commercials. Its intense what technology in the palm of your hand can do now.

    I remember when I learned the processing power of a phone was more than the computers that took us to the moon and back. Just think about that for a sec
  9. Lol, at the rate we are at now, if universal memory can be brought to consumer level by 2020, your looking at a mobile device with 64 cores at 6.0 - 6.8GHz with up to 512GB of RAM and 2TB left over for storage, and that's a fucking mobile device!!!!! At this point, the bulkiest of software won't matter, only it's stability, which isn't hard when you have a bottomless pit to program for.

    Apple's only allure right now is how efficient their software is, but when hardware far surpasses what the average consumer will require of it, Apple won't be driven out of the consumer market by competition but rather by moore's law itself. We are living on the cusp of extremely pivotal times my friends.
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    This. This. This.

    We are living at a time where we have the internet - something that is unprecedented in all of written human history! On the fly, we can communicate with others, look up information, and so much more. And not to mention the fact that it's all wireless now.

    I think about that very fact almost every time I use the Internet, and when I'm using shit like an iPad. I think, "How can I be so fucking lucky to be experiencing all of this? Why am *I* so lucky with all my shit while others are starving on the other side of the world?"

    That's another story, but still, back on topic, we are indeed at the cusp. It's so exciting!

    [ame=]So exciting! - YouTube[/ame]

    :D :D :D

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    I saw something similar (with keyboard on screen) don't know what app it was. The ammount of, and type and quality of plugins you'd be able to run is going to be limited because of the processing power of the ipad (which is good for a mobile device, but not good for a DAW), whether you're talking about 1,2, and probably 3 when it comes out. Lack of input/output, especially midi. Also cuz it's consumer audio (-10dBV) as opposed to pro audio (+4dBu). Also for a good drum machine you need good solid buttons that you can really beat on and that have velocity sensors.

    Plus IMHO garageband is garbage anyways, even the full blown version you can run on computer. It is no where near the level of other professional DAW software. So at first glance it seems pretty cool, but in the end its pretty much just reduced to a "toy" or a gimick. The only good use I can think of for it, is if you're out and about and you happen to have your ipad on you, and you happen to get inspired you could use it to jott down a riff/sequence/etc. until you can get to a real DAW and do it properly.

    Just sayin.:D:smoking::wave:

  12. No sir, I agree 100%. But what I dig about this iPad/GarageBand thing is that if inspiration strikes in the middle of nowhere or something, I can get the ideas out with no problem.

    But yeah, nothing beats a real DAW.
  13. Here's two things even more mindblowing! :eek:

    1) There are these crazy things called "laptops" floating about. They are way more powerful, functional, cheaper, and just as mobile as a tablet.

    2) Not only can you record music using one of these "laptops", but they've been doing it since the fucking 90's! :eek:

  14. haha, I completely agree.. (not the point of this thread) but I agree. To me tablets/netbooks/etc... are pointless. A smartphone is one thing, truely mobile, can fit in my pocket. but a tablet or similar device cannot, which means it's something extra i gotta carry around. If i'm gonna be carrying something extra around, it might as well be a laptop which is and will always be more powerfull than any tablet, etc.. sure tablets will get faster, but then again... so will laptops.

  15. Yeah, you missed the point of it all.

    With a laptop, you still need an audio interface. And laptops are bigger.

    I've done the recording on the laptop thing, but to do it on an iPad is cool shit. Not nearly as much control as a true DAW, but as I said - all I need is my iPad if I'm in the middle of nowhere and inspiration strikes.

    But you know what you can do with your sarcasm.
  16. Get FL studio for ipad shits sick

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