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My mind has my highs mixed up!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by The Crunge, Oct 27, 2011.

  1. People say that Indicas give off a body high, but I don't think my definition of a body high is the same as theirs. I thought a body high was where it feels weird to move. Not being stuck to a couch because you are tired.

    When I smoke Sour Diesel and walk, it's awesome. It's hard to describe. it's like my senses are all enhanced so when I touch something, it's incredible. But with Indica, I'm glued to the couch and my mind is thinking about all kinds of shit all the time. It's annoying. I hate it. But people say Indica makes light and music even more crazy, but I feel that with Sativa.

    Indica is like my mind is a highway and my thoughts are the cars. I don't have time to stare at things! When I smoke Sativa, my body feels weird, and I'm amazed by the littlest shit. My highs are the complete opposite of what everybody else's is.
  2. Ah...Glued and melting into the couch.

    Best damn high there is, I say!:cool:
  3. Indicas are for a couch lock/ send you off to bed strain. Sativas are the head high that I think your talking about. Hope this helps
  4. I don't have an indica/sativa connotation around my highs. Possibly because the buds around here are hybrids, because I'm always getting a combination of silly and deep thoughts with a insta-gasm every time i move my body
  5. But...but you just described what it's supposed to be
  6. Let me rephrase:

    My "body highs" are what it feels like when you first start chewing tobacco-- slight dizziness and a weird sensation.

    My "This music is amazing!" and "Shiiiiiiit!!! Look at those street lights!" happen when I smoke a sativa strain. Everyone else I've talked to say that only happens when they smoke and indica strain.

    I do get couch-lock with indica, but I wouldn't really consider that a body high. My sativa experiences are what I would consider a body high.
  7. I prefer sativa dom. Love those soaring highs, if it's a hybrid which most are.
    You still get that nice body high effects. But with much more of a heady feel to it.
    Look for balance hybrids if you live in a mmj state or country that supports it.
    Or get some seeds online and grow your own outdoor/indoor.

    So many strains available.

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