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My MFLB is here!!!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dbx64, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. #1 dbx64, Feb 1, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 2, 2011
    Okay so I ordered this thing yesterday around noon. I got an email that afternoon roughly around 3 saying it's been shipped and should be arriving Thursday. Well the mail came today as I was sitting by the front door trying to figure out what time the mailman will come (So I know when to be at the door for Thursday). Well our mail came today and I didn't even think to check the front porch:confused:. Getting our trashcans I small a little package on our ledge. I ran up to it and saw it was from blissville. I got that warm fuzzy feeling because I wasn't expecting it so soon (let's be honest, you know you would of had the same feeling if it was something you'd been accepting).

    Going to open it right now, pack a bowl/trench, and then upload pics :wave:




  2. Lmfao :) make sure you know how to hit it. Im 2 baked from it to explain how right now :smoking:
  3. thats awesome man, good for you... give me your feed back, i have an extreme q and am looking for a nice portable vape. much appreciated
  4. I just got mine today as well, the instructions are pretty clear on how to hit it, it's amazing, and I didn't expect it to be so small.
  5. Thats what everybody says :D

    Even i said that when i expected it to be smell :smoking:
  6. I haven't used it but 2 hits. And I didn't think it did it correctly. But then 5 minutes later, i noticed that i'm not sober. but not high, so i'm thinking with my first 2 hits are obviously a learning curve, so, so far, it looks promising.

    The instructions are made for dummies/stonersss. I was blown away by the size, I knew it would be small, but I didn't expect it to be this small.

    It's so small, I can see why you love it, only down side is the grinder doesn't crush it up as finely as I think it should be.

    oh and it doesn't smell :D but it's tiny!
  7. HAHAHA I AM just sooooooooooooooooooooo stoned that i put that by accident man. sorry :smoke:
  8. Yeah, I was expecting like cell phone/walkie talkie size, this thing is hardly bigger then a zippo.

  9. Oh yeah dude... here is what 2 do it gives u thick vapor clouds and should definately work

    1. Push in the battery
    2. Cover the hole with your finger
    3. Wait 5-6 seconds
    4. Take finger off hole, inhale for 5 seconds or so
    5. Put finger on hole again.

    Repeat Steps 1-5 until your lungs are full (this is ONE HIT)
    When you are done your hit and are about to exhale, that is when you take out the battery. The battery remains in throughout the whole process of steps 1-5

    Hold in the hit for 10 seconds or so. It's vapor so it doesnt hurt you.

    Try that. Its called microhitting. Gives thicker vapor clouds and gets me higher. That HAS to work for you!
  10. Try out the method i posted. Oh and oyu have to grind it up WAY finer then that. As fine as you possibly can!!! Like almost dust like haha
  11. Grind the herb upside down so it doesn't fall through the holes :)

  12. This is awesome!
  13. Thats crazy that It came so soon. Mines says it will be here on Thursday too so I better go check to make sure it didn't already come. I was wondering, does this thing get you guys stoned out of your mind? Or just feeling good?
  14. Depends on your tolerance, but it IS more effecient than smoking. If you smoke .2 and vape .2, vaping would get you higher.

    .05 in the MFLB gets me pretty damn high, .1 gets me baked for sure (1 full trench)
  15. when i got mine... it took me a little while to actually feel high because it was my first time vaping. but now its just instant high lmao
  16. I have been hearing that this mflb is small as fuck! But I have yet to hear the exact measurements. Is it like ridiculously small, or about the size of a wooden matchbox? :bongin: :confused:
  17. It's about the size of a zippo lighter.
  18. Even if you were expecting it to be like the size of a zippo anyways, when you see it you will still be like WTF.
  19. So would you guys reccomend this for someone with a high tolerance??

    Would I just be better off smoking out of the bong if Im looking to get stoned ?

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