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My mexican weed experience

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by RetroGanja, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. I recently went to mexico in the state of jalisco to be exact, and i go to smoke some of the local herb there and even brought back some seeds. The first bud i got was ok and had a crazy head high total opposite of what i get here, and even had purple bits on it too. The second stuff was complete schwag and looked like catnip but it got me a pretty crazy head high...after like 5 bowls. Pretty sure it was 100% sativa but anyways i took some pictures so take a look and see what you think.:smoke:

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  2. What were the prices like?
  3. The stuff in the first picture looks pretty good, minus all the seeds. But if they're in good shape... Then you have a lot of free plants!
  4. I got all that for FREE mainly because theres so much herb down there that they dont care about giving away that much and I did plant 2 seeds that are now vegging so ill take a pic of those later today
  5. Thats pretty sick how much would they charge if they werent handing it out for free?
  6. I think i would be something like 20$ for a pound
  7. Wow I'm going to Mexico for my birthday now...
  8. Its insane the sativa high makes you wanna fucking run around the streets like speed and im sure it wasnt laced. Gotta love that sativa high!

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