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    This will be my first serious grow. ( 1 Bubblegum and 1 Dutch Auto)
    I have grown males just for practice, and a couple females successfully.
    For my lighting, i plan to make a square that hold 4 light sockets, in each of them, 46w CFLs.
    My grow will be under my TV, which is inside the cabinet for the dvd player and such. All will be remove, adjustable hight light fixture on top. Should be enough space to grow for the first 4 or 5 weeks.

    As for soil, i have repeatedly used my moms garden soil, which has some tasty manure mixed in nicely with my backyard dirt/sand..been settled since early summer. Its very clean and very rich. Last plant i added nutes once and the plant was still strong and beautiful.

    ventilation will just be a small fan circulating air out, forcing air in from a hole near the lights.

    a small, discrete, low budget, effective grow is my overall goal.

    Pictures coming soon Just dropped my bubblegum in the soil, waiting for the dutch to open up.

    Unlike other grows, these plants i will keep an eye on PH so i can improve my yield.
  2. hey if your going to use cfl's look at these i cant get enough of them i love these lights for veg [ame=] LimoStudio - PB105 Regular Twist Medium Screw Base Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb, AGG121: Electronics[/ame] and flowering [ame=] LimoStudio - PB105 Regular Twist Medium Screw Base Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb, AGG121: Electronics[/ame] i use 4 alone in my grow side and 4 with my 400w hps on the flowering side thats like 2000 equal watts:hello: . there equal to 400w and only use 105w each:smoke::smoke::smoke: so only using 820 watts:cool:
  3. I looked in walmart since it was close to home, not expecting to find anything even close to what i need. But last minute, before i was about to give up, i saw a box that said natural light. Looked on the back and it was 50w 6500k! For $12.50 too. Grabbed 2 for now. Will definitly get a 3rd bulb when foliage increases. These are some bright bulbs. Gotta love natural light
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    i know home depot has the 2700k 68w in stock for 15 buck a piece Ive used them in the beginning but can get bigger ones way cheaper online. and watts are only part of the story make sure the lumen s are good i thank the ones i recommended are 5000 lumen s each. and the 68watters are 4200 lumen s. all so 6500k is for veg and 2700k for flowering but can be used for both just for optimal effect
  5. Well i had read on here, like YOU SAID, 6500kfor veg. And 2700 k for flower. My lumens are a bit low in these bulbs actually :/ it was difficult finding the right lumens, watts and K in 1 bulb.
    You think ill be fine with my lack of lumens? I think its at like..2500
  6. during veg you can all most grow with any thing they just wont grow as fast or bushy. may want to add as you go to bump it up some. here is some more things that may help/ here is the thermostat i use [ame=] Lux WIN100 Heating & Cooling Programmable Outlet Thermostat: Home Improvement[/ame] and this well help you know when there done [ame=] SE Mini 45X Brass Microscope w/ Illuminator: Toys & Games[/ame]
  7. Sweet. Ill have to invest in those.
    Id like to have a quick grow, so maybe ill stop by home depot and see what they have.

    Both seeds germinated well and are currently in the dirt. Its so anticipating to see if theyre going to come out of the dirt. Only bc my room got COLD last night and the dirt was freezing today. Im sure itll be fine. Just paranoid

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